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Friday, June 18, 2021

missing Uthsavams ~ reminiscing Vasantha Uthsavam 2014

Today at home, feeling much hotter and sweating profusely .. .. it is is Mid June – Chennai is hot still.   After a few days of below normal day temperatures, the entry of strong westerlies or land breeze over coastal areas of Tamil Nadu including Chennai could lead to a rise in mercury levels, making days dry and hot starting around June 14 said the  IMD forecast.  According to weather sources,  the temperature rise is due to the dry westerly winds over the city and neighbouring districts driven by the low pressure over northwest Bay of Bengal.


The passing of a year can bring a marked change in the weather and the surrounding environment. The four seasons — winter, spring, summer, autumn — can vary significantly in characteristics, and can prompt changes in the world around them. Let's take an overview of these four separate periods.  This is time of Spring season. In the spring, seeds take root and vegetation begins to grow. The weather is warmer, and often wetter. Animals wake or return from warmer climates, often with newborns.  Spring, also known as springtime, is one of the four temperate seasons, succeeding winter and preceding summer. There are various technical definitions of spring, but local usage of the term varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. 

When it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. At the spring (or vernal) equinox, days and nights are approximately twelve hours long, with daytime length increasing and nighttime length decreasing as the season progresses.   Seasons occur because Earth is tilted on its axis relative to the orbital plane, the invisible, flat disc where most objects in the solar system orbit the sun. Earth’s axis is an invisible line that runs through its center, from pole to pole. Earth rotates around its axis. 

Thiruvallikkeni is replete with Festivities.   In Vaikasi comes the thiruvavathara uthsavam of Swami Nammalwar – in May/June comes Vasantha Uthsavam.   It would amaze one to understand the significance of each Uthsavam and the care with which our elders have designed them.  There were palaces [bungalows] specially built for providing rest to Perumal on different occasions ~ at Thiruvallikkeni, there is Thavana Uthsava Bungalow situated in Thulasinga Perumal Koil Street, Komutti Bungalow in Peyalwar Koil Street and there was this  Vasantha Uthsava Bungalow in Venkatrangam Street ~ sad that the big spacious sprawling premises of Vasantha Uthsava Bungalow is no longer there…….. 

                         ‘Vasantham ‘ is a season – a pleasant one at that.  Vasantham corresponds to Spring season.  While they have only 4 seasons in the West, we have six seasons.  Here it is Vasantha Ruthu also known as ‘Ilavenil’  ~  

வசந்தம் என்பது பருவம். வசந்த ருது எனவும் இளவேனில் எனவும் பெயர் பெற்றது இது. சித்திரை. வைகாசி இரண்டையும் இளவேனில் என்பார்கள். வசந்தகாலம் எல்லோரும் ஆவலுடன் எதிர்பார்க்கும் பருவம். தளிர்க்கும், பூக்கும் தாவரங்கள், பாடித் திரியும் பறவைகள் என கூர்ந்து நோக்கினால் மகிழ்ச்சியாகவும், வியப்பாகவும் இருக்கும் காலம் இது.   ஜூன் மாசம் பள்ளி கல்லூரிகள் கோடை விடுமுறை முடிந்து திறக்கும் சமயம்.  புது சீருடையுடன் பள்ளி அடுத்த வகுப்பிற்கு செல்வது குதூகலம் தரும்.  இது வசந்த காலம். பூக்கள்  பூத்து குலுங்கும், பறவைகள் சத்தம் ரம்மியமாக கேட்கும். திண்டுக்கல் மாவட்டம் கொடைக்கானல் மலைப்பகுதிகளில்,  இது சமயம் கோடை மழை, மாலை வேளைகளில் பெய்யும்..    மழையால்  வெப்பம்  முற்றிலும் தணிந்து, குளு குளு வசந்த கால சீசன் துவங்கும்.  கோடையில் உள்ள பூங்காக்களில்  பல்வேறு வகையான மலர்ச்செடிகள் செழிக்கத்துவங்கி, வண்ண வண்ண மலர்கள் பூத்து குலுங்கும்.  மக்கள் ஆனந்திப்பர்.. .. 

Here are some photos taken during Vasantha Uthsava purappadu  that occurred on 7th June 2014 . it was the most beautiful sitting posture ~ the Emperor in total command~ with right hand on the bent knee and left hand holding Kadayutham. Most of you can recall having darshan of Sri Parthasarathi in the same posture… yes, it  is on the 2nd day of Brahmothsvam – morning Seshavahanam.  

Corona has deprived us of all these pleasures, praying Emperuman that normalcy is restored, World becomes a safe place to live and WE at Thiruvallikkeni enjoy the various uthsavams and purappadus of Sri Parthasarathi. 


Adiyen Srinivasadhasan
Mamandur veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar
18th June 2021. 

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