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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Masi Magam ~ Mylai Madhava Perumal & Egmore Srinivasa Perumal at beach

God is everywhere………

On the day of Masi Magam [25th Feb 2013], Sri Parthasarathi had purappadu on Garuda vahanam and visited the shores of Marina.   

The vast expanse of Marina daily has so many people visiting starting with the early morning walkers to those who spend time happily in the evenings… but this day, the crowd was far different … they were the worshippers – those seeking divine blessings accompanying the Lord and had come for holy bath in the sea on the auspicious day of ‘masi magam’ ; the sea which was blessed with the Divine intervention was perhaps showing its happiness on seeing the holy crowd with huge tidal waves.

Alongside Sri Parthasarathi Perumal were so many other Perumals including ~ Srinivasa Perumal  from Egmore on Garuda Vahanam;  Mylai Sri Madha Perumal on Mena pallakku and more.   Here are some photos of the holy congregation at the beach.

With regards – S.Sampathkumar

 Srinivasa Perumal, Egmore

 Sri Madhava Perumal, Mylapore

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thiruvallikkeni Masi Magam Sri Parthasarathi ~ Garuda Sevai purappadu 2013

Thiruvallikkeni Masi Magam Sri Parthasarathi Swami Garuda Sevai purappadu 2013

Today is Masi Magam [25th Feb 2013]  At 0530 in the morning  Sri Parthasarathi  adorning beautiful  ornaments had purappadu atop Karuda Vahanam.

After a brief halt at Kangai Kondan Mandapam, Sri Parthasarathi visited the shores of Marina beach – the coast of Bay of Bengal.  “Theerthavari’  of Sri Chakkarathazhwaar was conducted.  The sea is not considered auspicious and bathing on ordinary days is not done… but bathing in the sea is considered sacred on Pournami / Amavasyai / Grahana days [Full moon / dark moon / eclipse days]

Hundreds of bakthas accompanied Sri Parthasarathi and had holy bath in the sea.  Here are some photos taken few hours ago. There was congregation of more Perumals ~ Srinivasa Perumal  from Egmore on Garuda Vahanam;  Mylai Sri Madha Perumal on Mena pallakku and more.   Here are some photos of the purappadu

இன்று மாசி மகம் - மாசி மாதத்தில் பௌர்ணமி  நன்னாள். மாசி மகம் அன்று பெருமாள் கடல் மற்றும் நீர் நிலைகளுக்கு எழுந்து அருள்வது வழக்கம். இன்று அதிகாலை ஸ்ரீ பார்த்தசாரதி எம்பெருமான் கருட வாகனத்தில் அழகாக எழுந்து அருளினார்.   கங்கைகொண்டான் மண்டபத்தில் மண்டகப்படி கண்டருளி நல்ல தம்பி தெரு வழியாக மெரினா  கடற்கரைக்கு எழுந்து அருளினார். 

ஸ்ரீ பார்த்தசாரதி பெருமாள்,   வங்கக் கடலில் மெரினா அருகே (முன்பு சீரணி அரங்கம், திலகர் திடல் இருந்த இடம்) எழுந்து அருளினார்.   முன் காலத்தில் பெருமாளுக்கு அழகான பந்தல் போடப்பட்டு திருமஞ்சனம் கண்டு அருளினது ஞாபகம் உள்ளது. கால போக்கில் பல விழயங்கள் மாறி உள்ளன. சமீபகாலங்களில் பெருமாள் எழுந்து அருள்வது மட்டுமே நடை பெறுகிறது. 

அதிகாலை ஸ்ரீ பார்த்தசாரதி பெருமாள்  கடல் அருகே எழுந்து அருளிய உடன், ஸ்ரீ  சக்கரத்தாழ்வார் தீர்த்தவாரி நடை பெற்றது.  உடன் திரண்டிருந்த நூற்றுக்கணக்கான பக்தர்கள் கடலில் குளித்தனர். சாதாரண நாட்களில் கடலில் குளிக்க கூடாது என்பர் பெரியோர் - இன்று போன்ற முக்கிய தினங்களில் குளிப்பது புண்ணியமாக கருதப்படுகிறது. இன்று காலை  எடுத்த சில புகைப்படங்கள் இங்கே.  :-

Perumal about to enter Nalla Thambi Street
the bigger kudais being removed...

At Northern entrance - Pycrofts Road, Nalla thambi St intersection


view of those at sea...
அடியேன் - ஸ்ரீனிவாச தாசன். 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Namakkal Anjaneyar Santhana kappu and Thanga Thiruther

Recently visited  the motor town of Namakkal on a different mission; had the fortune of worshipping the 18 feet tall, majestic Lord Anjaneya and had shared two posts – the first one with majestic photo of Lord Anjaneya standing tall; the other post was about ‘Sri Namagiri Thayar and Narasimhar’.

Inside the temple, Lord Anjaneya,  the 18 feet tall ‘Viswarupa Anjaneya’ the epitome of virtues – known for his knowledge, steadfast faith on Lord, doing things even before ordained,  the  most trusted aide of Lord Rama stands majestically. Hanuman is embodiment of discipline, devotion to His Master and one known for giving boons to all bakthas.

His devotees would seldom be satisfied in seeing him once; the more you see Him; the more you feel blessed and humbled by the embodiment of all virtues. I had the great fortune of having darshan of Lord Hanumar again in the evening also and what a great darshan it was…..

The Anjani Mainthan is known to be a great Tapasvi [the one performing penance always] and known for his cool temparement, unwavering dedication in the Service to Lord Rama.  In the evening of 9th Feb 2013,  it was ‘Santhana kappu’ ~ smearing of sandalwood paste all voer his body, cooling him further and pleasing Him.  Lord Anjaneya has a penchant for butter and is anointed with ‘butter’ [vennai kappu]  and ‘sandalwood paste’.  Vadai malai and verrilai malai [garlands made of vadai and betel leave] also adorn Him regularly.

There was also the purappadu in Thanga Ther [Golden chariot] inside the Temple for Uthsava idol of Anjaneyar.  Understand that the exquisitely carved golden chariot was made somewhere in 2008; it is made to depict  a horses-driven chariot, made in wood covered with gold and silver plates; it has tiny electric bulbs too. The Chariot measures up to 9.45 feet high made up of around 11.5 kg of gold worth Rs. 1.15 crore and 24 kg silver worth Rs. 5.28 lakh at the time of construction. 

Here are some photos of  Lord Anjaneya in santhana kappu and purappadu in Golden chariot.

Jai Anjaneya.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal Kovil at Perumal Malai, Thuraiyur

I have been writing about Temples ~ mostly about the Allikkeni Divyadesam – of the purappadus and festivities to Lord Parthasarathi and other Emperumans at Thiruvallikkeni.  Recently I have posted about the Thirukachi Divyadesam [referred to as Perumal Kovil – Kanchipuram Devarajap Perumal purappadu] and on Thiruvarangam [referred to as Kovil – Numperumal Ranganathar].  Also posted about an Abhimana sthalam ‘Namakkal’.  Here is something which would interest you all.

From Srirangam, as you pass the Tollgate and travel via Mannacha Nallur [from where you can go to Thiruvellarai divyadesam] on State Highway 62, you reach Thuraiyur, a town and municipality in Tiruchirapalli district.  By some accounts, it is stated that this place once was ruled by the Zamindars and the people called them as  'thurai mars’.  Subsequently from ‘thurai oor’  it got derivation as  ‘Thuraiyur’  !!   Thuraiyur is 47 Kms North-West of Trichirappalli and 100 Kilometers South-East of Salem. Perambalur, Attur, Namakkal, Musiri are located within 50 Kms radius.

Like many other villages, agriculture is the main occupation and handloom is another main occupation here.   Thuraiyur houses a famous temple for Prasanna VEnkatachalapathi situated on Thuraiyur-Perambalur road.  The temple of Prasanna Venkatachalapathi lies on top of Perumalmalai 960 feet above ground level in Pachamalai hills and has 1532 steps.  The local trustees have ensured maintenance of a fine Ghat road of around 5 km so vehicles can reach the top of the hill easily. It will take about 15 minutes in vehicle and about an hour in walking through steps. This temple is said to be constructed by the grandson of Karikala Chozhan. Thousands of devotees take part in the Girivalam procession around the Perumalmalai hillock on all full-moon days.

Being a temple for Lord Srinivasa, the month of ‘Purattasi’ assumes special significance and large nos. of devotees come from nearby places to have darshan of Perumal on the hill.  The temple has a stone hanging that is said to produce ‘sapthasvaras’.   This temple is believed to be ‘Then Thirupathi’ of Trichy as many similarities existing with the glorious Thirumala Tirupathi.  There are seven hillocks to cross; Alarmelmangai Thayar is having a separate shrine; Govindharaja perumal in lying posture is having a temple at the foot hill; and there is a village known as Nagalapuram 5 kms away.

There is a huge Hanuman in standing posture at the base of the hill [adivaram].  Here are some photos of the temple taken during our visit to the temple recently.

With regards - S. Sampathkumar

the entrance at adivaram

Sree Pancha Muka Anjaneyar

Thuraiyur as seen from top

entrance to Temple

the hill and the Temple as seen from lands....
 Garuda vahanam at the temple 
 Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathi [from photos inside the temple]

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

Thiruvallikkeni Ratha Sapthami - Surya Prabai Purappadu: 2013

Thiruvallikkeni Ratha Sapthami - Surya Prabai Purappadu 17th Feb 2013

Today – 17th Feb 2013(5th  day of Masi masam in Tamil calendar)  is a very auspicious day – Ratha Sapthami.  Ratha means chariot. Sapthami is a thithi in a lunar month falling on the 7th  day of both sukla and Krishna paksha.   Ratha Sapthami also Surya Jayanthi is celebrated on 7th day after Thai Amavasai-  Shukla paksha (waxing phase of moon)  dedicated to God Surya.   It is believed that earth’s inclination towards the sun is the steepest on the day. Special bathing rituals are observed in some regions today.  Surya (Sun) worship is deep rooted in the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures.  Today  celebrated as the birth of Surya to Sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi and celebrated as Surya Jayanthi in many parts. Legend has it that the greatest warrior Bhishma breathed last the day after the Ratha Sapthami day.  The Pithamaha is one the greatest characters in the Epic Mahabaratha and the asthami is revered as “Bhishmaashtami”.

The charioteer of Surya is Aruna, who is also personified as the redness that accompanies the sunlight in dawn and dusk. The sun god is driven by a seven-horsed Chariot depicting the seven days of the week.   Going by Upanishad, their names are : Gayatri, Brhati, Usnik, Jagati, Tristup, Anustup and Pankti. 

Uttarayana is the six month period between Makara sankranti (Jan 14) and July 14 when Sun travels towards North in the celestial sphere. Ratha saptami marks the seventh day following the Sun’s northerly movement of vernal equinox starting from Capricorn (Makara).  A journey from makara rekai to kadaka rekai – Capricorn to Cancer. Today symbolically represents the Sun God Surya turning his Ratha (chariot) drawn by seven horses towards northern hemisphere in a north-easterly direction.

Traditionally in villages, Rangoli kolam is drawn with coloured rice powder depicting Chariot drawn by horses. From today, the days would get warmer, especially in South India. This is an important annual festival at Vaishnavaite temples.  Today, it was celebrated grandly in Thiruvallikkeni also. Early morning, Sri Parthasarathi Emperuman  had purappadu on Surya prabhai with 7 horses drawing it. . 

In Greek mythology, Helios is the personification of Sun, imagined to be handsome god crowned with the shining aureole of the Sun.

It has been raining in Chennai, quite unusual in the month of February.  Though Purappadu started in the usual way, it had to be curtailed due to downpour.  Here are some photos of today morning purappadu of Sri Parthasarathi Perumal in Thiruvallikkeni.

Ratha Sapathami is a grand occasion at many other divyadesams and here are couple of photos of Lord Devathirajar [Varadarajar] at Perumal Kovil, Thirukachi... [courtesy my friend Sri VN Kesava Bashyam]

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.


 At Kanchipuram - Sri Varadharajar

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sri Namagiri Thayar and Naraismhar at Namakkal

Recently visited  the motor town of Namakkal on a different mission and had posted about the “18 feet tall, majestic Viswaroopa Anjaneya”.  In the town of Namakkal,  known for the  flourishing trade of  the body building for all types of trucks is the  Rock Fort, a special feature of the Town. The Fort covers an area of one and half acres of flat surface and is accessible from South-West by a flight of narrow steps.   The famous Anjaneyar stands tall looking straight in to the feet of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha, situated not far away. It is believed that this temple is more than 1000 years old and that Lord Anjaneya is guarding the fort of Namakkal.

Narasimha was the specific avathar for slaying Hiranyakasipu, who gained the boon  that he will never meet the death by human beings, animals, earth and sky, by any instruments in and out of the houses  and more.  Lord Narasimha came out of the pillar that was smitten by Hiranyakasipu. 

Periyalwar  in his Periyazhwar Thirumozhi says “ அளந்திட்ட தூணை அவன் தட்ட  ஆங்கே வளர்ந்திட்டு வாளுகிர்ச் சிங்கவுருவாய்”.  Lord Narasimha came out of the very same pillar roaring and slayed the demon.  It is believed that Sri Hanuman brought a Saligramam and performed ‘santhiyavanthanam’ at the tapovanam with a big holy tank named Kamalalayam.  In the place where Hanuman kept the Saligramam, Lord Narasimha chose his abode in the rocky hill, the present day temple at Namakkal.  

Sri Mahalakshmi prayed and made Ugra Narasimha calm and here the Thayar is the most benevolent Sri Namagiri Thayar, and the town also got the name from the Thayar being known as Namakkal.  There is the Thayar sannathi on the left hand side of the temple as one enters inside.  To the right of the sannadhi, is that of Lord Narasimha.  The Sanctum Sanctorum [Garbagraham] is inside the cave and the Lord is in sitting posture with the sages Sanaka, Sanandana [the sons of Brahma]  Suryan and Chandran [Sun and Moon] doing chamaram service [fly-whisk made from tail of a type of deer] and there is also  Lord Siva and Brahma praying to Him.

Here are the photos of temple, photo of Lord Narasimha [of a painting inside the Hanumar temple] and the Uthsavar Lord Lakshmi Narasimha of bountiful divinity and blessing.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.