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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Sri Parthasarathi Pathi Ula day 8 - 2023 : Raag Neelambari Nadaswaram

 Sri Parthasarathi Pathi Ula day 8 - 2023


வரம் தந்த சாமிக்குப் பதமான லாலி  -  என்ற பாடலை கேட்டு ரசித்து இருப்பீர்கள். !!  

At Thiruvallikkeni Divyadesam – the grand Chithirai Brahmothsavam is drawing to a close.  Today is day 8 – kuthirai vahanam in the evening – in the Pathi Ula – Perumal had savari pagai.  

During the pathi ulavuthal, there are vidwans performing and today it was grand Nadaswaram rendition by Mamambalam Manikandan and mercurial Deva. 

Sri Krishna Leela Tarangini is a tarangini, a Sanskrit opera authored by Narayana Teertha. The songs are in chaste Sanskrit and clear diction and are rich in poetic quality.  

Carnatic aficionados love this keertana :   maadava maamava  sung in Raag Neelambari.  

mAdhava mAmava dEva krSNa

yAdava krSNa yadukula krSNa  

Oh husband of Lakshmi piratti, do protect me;    O Lord Krishna !, the   Scion of the Yadu dynasty ! support of good people !  O Embodiment of all creation !  O Lotus-eyed one ! the Lord  with an auspicious conch-like neck ! – protect us all.   

Sri Narayana Teertha (c. 1650 – 1745 CE) a great saint, devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, the supreme lord,  sang many songs on him.  He was born in Andhra and lived in Kaza, Guntur district near Mangalagiri. Born as Govinda Sastruli, he belonged to Tallavarjula  family,  moved to Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.  He mastered music at a very early age and studied Puranas, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Sanskrit works. He renounced family at a very early age and took on a life of a religious devotion. He went to Varanasi to spread his philosophy.   He  was very well versed in Music and, Natya Shastra, and a great scholar in Sanskrit. He used at least 34 popular ragas.  He wrote 15 books and some of them are available in Benares Hindu University and Parijatapaharanam at Saraswathi Mahal in Tanjore. He is also credited with composing two other operas, Parijaa Apaharanam and Haribhakti Sudharnavam.  

Sri Narayana Tirtha received divine blessings at Varagur in Thanjavur District. His mukthi sthalam (place of eternity) is at Varagur.   

Now the song at the start in the music of Ilayaraja is set to Neelambari raag.

வரம் தந்த சாமிக்குப் பதமான லாலி !  ராஜாதி ராஜனுக்கு இதமான லாலி .. ..

ஆனந்தக் கண்ணனுக்கு, ஆழ்வாரும் நானே !!

ஸ்ரீராமன் பாட வந்த - கம்ப நாடன் நானே 

             ஸ்வாதி முத்யம்  கே. விஸ்வநாத் இயக்கத்தில்  1986-ஆம் ஆண்டில் வெளியானது.   இசைஞானி இளையராஜா இன்னிசையில் பாடல்கள் பிரபலமாக விரும்பப்பட்டவை.


Here is a photo of Perumal,  some photos of NaDaswaram party and a video of  mAdhava mAmava  :

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar

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