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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Pibare Rama rasam .. .. - Vidayarri special - Rahul Vellal

This child prodigy is just 15 years of age, having now completed X std with 97.5 marks ! and what an amazing talent he is !!

It is music time at Thiruvallikkeni – after the Chithirai Brahmothsavam, it is vidayarri (period of rest) for Sri Parthasarathi Perumal.  Music kutchery by renowned people have been arranged.  On day 1 of Vidaayarri (14.5.2023) is was grand performance by Sri Rahul Vellal (vocal) accompanied by J Vaidyanathan, Mridangam, B Ananthakrishan Violin and Sunil on Kanjira. 

திருவல்லிக்கேணியில் பிரம்மோத்சவம் கண்டு அருளிய எம்பெருமான்  'விடாயாற்றி'  என இளைப்பாறுகிறார். இவ்வமயத்தில் இசைக்கச்சேரிகளும் திருக்கோவிலில் நடைபெறுகின்றன. விடையாற்றி என்று பரவலாக சொல்லப்பட்டாலும் அது "விடாயாற்றி" -  ஆற்று-.1. Rest, repose, as relief from weariness; இளைப்பாறல். 2. That which affords rest or relief;  இளைப்பாற்றுவது.   3. Festivities within the temple following the main festival,  பெரியதிருவிழாவை  அடுத்து சுவாமிக்கு இளைப்பாறலாகக் கோயிலுக்குள் நடைபெறும் உற்சவம்.

He is  Rahul R. Vellal, a classical singer. Humble, endowed with mesmerizing voice and composure, he has gained immense knowledge in Carnatic music. He started learning Carnatic Music at the age of 4 and has now performed in so many big stages across the Nation and in many other foreign countries, has won accolades, awards and prizes.  

Have heard him singing with Ms Surya Gayathri in Dr Pai’s videos. He is now learning finer aspects of  music under renowned musicians Vidushi's Ranjani & Gayatri. He earlier learnt  from Vidushi Kalavathy Avadhoot. He is learning to play the Mridangam from Vidwan Kulur U Jayachandra Rao. He is currently training in Western Piano from the Trinity School of Music, London under the guidance of Sri Abhishek N.   

            Rahul Vellal has won the "Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020" in "Singing" Category and has also been recognized as the "Top 100 Global Child Prodigies of the World" by the GCP Awards Group.  He has very many awards including Shanmukhananda M S Subbulakshmi Fellowship 2018 for Carnatic Vocal, presented by Hon. Vice-President of India, Sri Venkaiah Naidu in 2018.   He has also  tuned a Saint Purandara Daasa Devarnama and sung it at the prestigious Bangalore Ganesh Utsava in Aug 2020, at the age of 13 years.

The man who encouraged him -             Dr. Kuldeep Muralidhar Pai,  musician, composer, vocalist, music producer and YouTube celebrity, has a deep inclination towards spirituality and is immensely influenced by Sanatana Dharma.  Through You tube Kuldeep Pai is infusing   Indian cultural heritage into the younger generations. He is the mentor and the guiding force for musical prodigies like Sooryagayathri, Rahul Vellal, Bhavya Ganapathi & Raghuram Manikandan.  His concept  - 'Vande Guru Paramparaam' is a treasure stove.

I am a fan of Rahul VEllal and have been hearing some of his performacnes in ‘Vande Guruparamparam’ especially – Pibare Ramarasam.  Other than the lengthy traditional renderings, he also sang – ‘kanden, kanden seethaiyai’, ‘alai payuthe kanna’, ‘muddugare yasodha’, ‘Krishna ne begane’, kaligiyunTEgadaa,   Pibare ramarasam,  ‘Bhagyatha lakshmi baramma’  and  Parthasarathi nannu palimpa rara .. .. keeping the audience glued to his magical voice. 

Here are couple of photos of Rahul Vellal with his parents and his rendering of Pibare Ramarasam :

Sadasiva Brahmendra was a saint, Carnatic music composer  and Advaita philosopher who lived near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, during the 18th century. Only a few of his compositions have survived, but they are recognised as great compositions of Carnatic music.  Sadasiva was born into a Telugu Brahmin couple Moksha Somasundara Avadhaani and Parvati. His initial name was Sivaramakrishna. He learnt vedas and other various subjects in Sanskrit in Thiruvisainallur. 

"Pibare Rama Rasam" is a classical song – one of his many beautiful compositions This song is usually rendered in raga Ahir Bhairav of Indian classical music: 

Pibare Rama rasam - Rasane Pibare Rama rasam 

Janana Marana Bhaya Soka Vidooram - Sakala Saastra Nigamaagama Saaram 

Suddha Parama hamsa Aasrama Geetam - Sukha Sounaka Kousika Mukha peetam- 

Drinking (reciting) the essence of the name of Lord Rama would help in removing the sorrows of life and fear of death. Mostly this great  keertana is sung specially on Sri Rama Navami day.  Absorb the essence of the name of Rama, O tongue, Sadasiva brahmendrar tells. It will help you  remove or be distant (Dūrīkr̥ta) from association with sin (Pātaka) or be distant from those who cause you to sin and you will be fulfilled (Pūrita) with many kinds (Nānā Vidha) and types (varga) of rewards/gains (phala). It will help you be far removed (Vidūram) from the fear (Bhaya) and grief (Śōka) of the cycle of birth and death (Janana-Maraa), it is the essence (Sāra) of all (Sakala) the religious treatises (Śāstra), the Vedas (Nigama) and sciences (Āgama). 

Best wishes to wonder kid Rahul Vellal for continued well-being with the blessings of Sri Parthasarathi Emperuman and reaching greater heights.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar


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