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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Sri Azhagiya Singar Special Brahmothsavam 2021 - Dharmathipeedam

Festive days are back again !!  Brahmothsavams are happy occasions – devotees assemble in large numbers, do service to Lord in every possible manner.  At Thiruvallikkeni, there are two grand brahmothsavams [Chithirai for Sri Parthasarathi and Aani for Sri Azhagiya singar –  in the year 2020, when almost the entire globe remained indoors, the brahmothsavams  did not occur.   .. .. the good news is in Feb 2021 the prayaschitha Special brahmothsavam for Sri Parthasarathi Perumal occurred and now it is time for Sri Azhagiya Singar Special Brahmothsavam.

It is more than an year since the first case of Covid was detected – Covid today is not yet eliminated, it was getting under control but now there are fresh fears.  The rise in COVID-19 cases as part of India’s ‘second wave’ has the government and public health authorities truly worried. In many ways, the concern is larger than during last year when there were several more cases.  On March 1, concerns of a spike were still on the horizon.  From the plagues of biblical times to the HIV pandemic of recent times, infectious diseases have affected humans in a big way.    The continual expansion of human populations sinceprehistoric times has led to successive invasions of the human population by increasing numbers of different pathogens.  

On another front,  Indian Govt has done exceedingly well in getting vaccines for its citizen as also for other Nations of the globe  and schedules by which it would be rolled out to their populations.  While the wealthy nations had a headstart in booking doses for their citizens because of their economic might, they were also accused of hoarding vaccines which would have been much more useful elsewhere.  

Hope in near future, Covid is totally eradicated and humanity lives happily thereafter.  Today the  special  Bramothsavam for Sri Thelliya Singa Perumal   got off to a grand start   at Thiruvallikkeni. After dwajarohanam it was  Dharmathi peedam purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam this morning @ 07.30 am.     Dharmathipeedam, by some accounts this vahanam was rendered in 1906 and hence more than a century old.   Being day 1 ~ it is Muthal thiruvanthathi of Sri Poigai alwar.

The Muthalazhwargal (Pogai alwar, Boothathalwar and Peyalwar) met at Thirukovalur.... Poigai azhwar started singing the greatness of the Lord by lighting the Earth itself as the light and Ocean as the ghee...... he says.... எம்பெருமானை தங்கள் மனசார அனுபவித்து ஆசையாய் தங்கள் வார்த்தைகள் உரைத்தவர்கள் ஆழ்வார்கள்.  ஸ்ரீமன் நாராயணின் பக்தர்களுக்கு இதோ பொய்கைப்பிரான் காட்டும் எளிய வழி : 

நன்றுபிணிமூப்புக் கையகற்றி நான்கூழி,

நின்று நிலமுழுதும் ஆண்டாலும்,- என்றும்

விடலாழி நெஞ்சமே வேண்டினேன் கண்டாய்,

அடலாழி கொண்டான்  மாட்டன்பு.  (முதல் திருவந்தாதி) 

வாழும் காலத்தில் வியாதியையும், கிழத்தனத்தையும் - இவற்றைப்பற்றிய கவலைகளையும், நன்றாக தொலைந்தொழியும்படி  நல்வாழ்க்கை பெற்றாலும், காலமுள்ள வரையிலும் ஸ்திரமாக இருந்து நிலம் முழுதும் ஆண்டாலும் - நாம் செய்ய வேண்டியது எல்லாம்  அண்டஜஸ்வர்யங்கள்  எல்லாவற்றையும் தனதாகப்பெற்ற  திருவாழியைக் கையிலேந்திய பெருமானிடத்தில்  என்றென்றும் சார்ந்து இருக்க, அவ்வெம்பெருமானிடத்திலே  ஆழ்ந்திருக்கிற நெஞ்சை  வேண்டுவோமாக.  !

Poigai alwar – directs the heart thus – diseases during life time are common; ageing and senility is certain – even if one is to live long long years and rule the Earth – we should always think of the Emperuman who has the discuss (Thiruvazhi) in His hand – it is eternally  blissful to have a mind deeply devoted to His lotus feet. 

                       Sharing the wonderful darshan of Sri Azhagiya Singar dharmathipeedam photos taken this morning. 

~ adiyen  Srinivasa dhasan.
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar


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