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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

kainkaryam - regulating traffic at Thiruvallikkeni

Life in a divyadesam is always exhilarating – you get to mingle with so many persons who are well educated, well mannered, whose life is entwined in kainkaryam (service)  to Emperuman Sriman Narayana.  

Here at this divine place, there are  purappadus on special Uthsava kalams and on pancha parvams too.  There are Battacharyars whose exceptional dedication ensures that Emperuman comes out adorning the choicest of flowers, ornaments, dress and more.  There is the  Veda adhyapaka goshti – hundreds of them chant Nalayira divyaprabandham in front of Emperuman on the streets and  chanting Vedam  after the Perumal.   Of the many kainkaryams, Sripadham thangis are  physically associated too and can be very demanding.    

Brahmothsavams are extremely engaging for purappadus take long hours – night purappadu could extend to midnight and next day morning starts too early – well, those in service do not think of sleep but think only of kainkaryam (service).  

Besides the ones mentioned there are : nadaswaram thavil and other mangala vadhyams,  kainkaryam to bagavathas and those involved in service to Emperuman,  financial kainkaryam for specified projects, offering beautiful jewels, vasthrams,  doing service, providing floral garlands, providing fruits and offerings, cleaning, regulating, painting, and so many more avenues ~ some are physical and requires extraordinary commitment .. ..    

The streets of Triplicane are congested and traffic overflows all the time – there are so many hindrances in the form of parked vehicles, mad two-wheeler drivers, cattle,  stray dogs and more – people slowing are losing patience and have little time – rushing all the time.  In the melee, Perumal purappadu takes place.  All of us associated with Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam and regular to Sri Parthasarathi Thirukkovil – for sure would have seen him, and perhaps would have talked to him too.    In fact he is a man of very few words – wears a nice smile on his face and does dedicated kainkaryam.


Mr Chokkalingam Ramana fondly Meesai to people actively regulates traffic,     carefully steers  the stray cattle away without harming them during purappadu.   People like Theevatti Senthilkumar, Pavan Krishnaiah, Chockalingam Ramana are rare – they do kainkaryam without seeking any attention – many may not have time and thought to notice kainkaryabarargal like him, leave alone appreciating such good acts. 

With regards – S Sampathkumar


  1. Every word is true!! You have brought Sri Parthasarathy perumal purappadu in front of the eyes🙏Humble pranaams to Emberumaan Piraatti, each and every Adhyapaga, and kainkaryaparaa🙏Adiyen🙏