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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thirumylai Sri Peyazhwar Thiruvallikkeni mangalasasanam 2022

நம்மை நல்வழிப்படுத்தி எம்பெருமானிடம் ஈடுபாடு கொண்டு நல்லவைகள் செய்ய என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும் ?

**தேசும் திறலும் திருவும் உருவமும், மாசில் குடிப்பிறப்பும் மற்றவையும் – பேசில்**

 வேறொன்றும்வேண்டாம் ! ~ எம்பெருமானிடம் மையல்கொண்டு அவனையே நினைத்து அவனிடத்திலே கைங்கர்யங்கள் செய்தாலே போதும் !! எம்பெருமானை நினைத்த மாத்திரத்திலே, அவனது - தேஜஸ்ஸும், பராக்ரமமும், செல்வங்களும்,  அழகியரூபமும், குற்றமற்ற நற்குலமும் மற்றுமுள்ள நன்மைகளும், நம்மை நலம் புரிந்து வந்தடையும். 

21st Sept 2022 was a significant day ~ Subhakruthu Purattasi Krishna paksha Ekadasi day.  On all Ekadasi days, there will be periya maada veeth ipurappadu of Sri Parthasarathi Swami at Thiruvallikkeni Divyadesam.  This Ekadasi was  more  special.  For two decades+ now, annually Sri Peyalwar from Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal Devasthanam has been visiting Thiruvallikkeni for mangalasasanam of the DivyadesapPerumal. 

All the way from Thirumayilai – Azhwar traverses on a pallakku – reaches Thiruvallikkeni, and returns later when it would be almost night.  It rains during the month of Purattasi.   Rains are not new and the Muthalazhwargal enjoyed ~ in fact that was the very reason how we got those treasure-trove of thiruvanthathis.   On that beautiful rainy day at Thirukkovalur, Sri Peyalwar in the company of Sri PoigaiAlwar and Bootathalwar, lighting with the Universe and love, had darshan of Emperuman. Among the 12 Azhwaars of Srivaishanva Tradition, PoigaiAzhwar, BoothathAzhwar and Peyazhwar – were the ones to have descended on this Earth earlier.  They were contemporaries and are praised as “MuthalAzhwars (the first among the Azhwars).  They were born in the month of “Aippasi: in the thirunakshathirams of ‘Thiruvonam, Avittam, Sathayam’ respectively. This divine trio met on a rainy day at Thirukkovalur – when they sang 100 verses each which now form part of MoonravathuAyiram (Iyarpa) in NaalayiraDivyaprabandham. 

Sri Peyalwar was born in a well in Mylapore (thence known as Mylai Thiruvallikkeni).  His birthplace is in the present day Arundel Street in Mylapore closer to Mylai Madhaava Perumal Kovil.  At Thiruvallikkeni, the road adjacent to Sri Parthasarathi Kovil houses a separate sannathi (temple by itself) for Sri Peyalwar and the street is named after the Azhwar and is known as ‘Peyazhwarkovil Street’. 

Hailed as ThamizhThalaivan, Sri Peyalwar  glorifies Emperuman  as having seen the lotus-dame on the frame of Ocean-hued most bountiful Lord, who wields a fiery discuss (Chakra) and the dextral conch (Sangam) in His Hands and radiating more than the Golden Sun ~ what a darshan and how great even to imagine such a darshan .. .. ..  in his Moonramthiruvantathi, Alwar starts :


திருக்கண்டேன் பொன்மேனி  கண்டேன் * திகழும்

அருக்கனணி நிறமும் கண்டேன்*  செருக்கிளரும்

பொன்னாழி கண்டேன் புரிசங்கம்  கைக்கண்டேன்*

என்னாழி வண்ணன்  பாலின்று**


Sri Adhi KesavaPerumal Devasthanam better known as ‘Kesava Perumal Kovil’ is near ThiruMylai Kapaleeswarar Temple and the Chithiraikulam belongs to this Temple.   Now the Peyalwar who graces this beautiful Thennacharya  temple – annually visits Thiruvallikkeni in a grand procession.  Sri Peyalwar is taken in a palanquin and nearer Triplicane [at the TP koil Street – Besant Road Junction] – the pallakku is opened to let all devotees have his darshan fully.  Nearer the Western gate of the temple, Senai Muthaliyar and Sri Sadagopam [Sadari] of Sri Parthasarathi are taken on purappadu for mariyathai for Alwar.  

                        From there, Sri Peyalwar is taken on a grand procession in Chinnamada veethi with ‘Moondram Thiruvanthathi’ goshti and enters vahana mantap  – from there, Azhwar enters Thirukovil in kaipalagai.  Sri Peyazhwar visits all sannathies inside the Temple ~ those of Lord Venkata Krishnan, Vedavalli Thayar, VaradaRajar, Azhagiya Singar and Andal and does mangalasasanam – i.e., ‘praying and praising the divine Gods and begetting happiness in doing so’. 

Sri Peyawlar has sung about Thiruvallikkeni temple in his ‘MoondramThiruvanthati’ – the highlight besides the visit of Azhwar was Perumal adorning Rathnangi and outdazzling the ornament.    Here are some photos of Thamizh thalaivar Peyalwar purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni in the evening.


adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
Dusi Mamandur  Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar  

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