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Monday, May 10, 2021

it hurts religious sentiments - application process for the post of Jeeyar !!


எங்கே போகிறது நம் சம்ப்ரதாயம் ? .. .. நமது ஆச்சார்ய பீடங்கள் நியமனம் எவ்வாறு நடைபெற வேண்டும் ??


·         Aadhar No

·         Ration card No.

·         Educational qualifications

·         Present status of family

·         3 nos Passport size photos

·         Good conduct certificate from a Govt official

·         Police certificate of Nil crime

·         Fitness certificate from Govt Doctor

·         No objection certificate from family members !


Can you ever imagine the above list among other requirements – not a job interview though !  - sad ! is the state of affairs 

‘Ananthah sarasi dhere  Ramye  Bhoothapurivare’ – on the bank of Ananthasaras the temple pushkarini, is the temple of Sri Adhi Kesavar.   Boothapuri, better known now as Sri Perumpudur is the most divine place for us –  the place where our Greatest Acharyar “Emperumanaar, Bashyakarar” the reincarnation of Aadi Sesha and Sri Lakshmanar was born,  in the year 1017  to Kesava Somayaji and Gandhimathi couples.  

For Srivaishnavaites the greatest reformer, the King of all Hermits was Swami Ramanujacharya – Emperumanar, Bashyakarar, Udayaver and more. Ramanuja’s divine personality was recognised even during his lifetime.  After 120 years of glorious existence, having toured the length and breadth of Bharat varsh and having established mutts with thousands of sishyas following him everywhere, Udayavar left from Thiruvarangam.  He initiated 74 of his disciples as Simhasana Adhipathis for propagating Srivaishnavism and ensuring proper administration of Sri Vaishnava temples.   

Swami Udayavar Himself resided at Srirangam and resided at the Mutt – now knosn as ‘Sriranga Narayana Jeeyar Mutt’ .. .. .. in the authentic chronicle ‘Kovil Olugu’ is mentioned of Islamic invasions and pillaging of Holy Thiruvarangam  - ThiruvarangaPerumal went out of holy Thiruvarangam and by  1371  Srirangam was completely cleared of its  aggressors.  The Holy Mutt known as Kura Narayana Jeeyar has had great learned matapathis.  Srimath Veda Maarga prathishtaapanaachaarya Ubhaya Vedanthachaarya Paramahamsa Parivraajakaachaarya Sri Sri Sri Koyil KongilAchAn Ranga Narayana Jeeyar Swami  was the 50th descendant of Swami Ramanujar and the last Pontiff of this great Mutt.  

Srimath Paramahamsethyathi Sri Rangam Sri Ranga Narayana Jeeyar served as the 50th chief pontiff and passed away in 2018.  In his purva avatharam he was known as Sri Kari Varadhan born in 1929 did service in Temples, was a learned person later becoming the Jeeyar of the Mutt.  

After his demise, there has been no incumbent to this holy Mutt – there is now news that the process of application and qualifications are prescribed in the website of Srirangam Thirukovil and that applications  are to be sent to the Executive Officer of the Temple and to the Board of Trustees.

It is sad, pitiable and lamentable besides a dangerous proposition as Mutts are independent –  should not be  under the control of HR&CE and more importantly HR&CE should never intervene in the religious process.  His Holiness Jeeyar is a religious post and only those well-versed in sampradhaya of that specific Mutt would be the correct people to decide who should become the Head and more importantly, a Jeeyar / Peetathipathi is not an employee of the HR&CE,

The present application  process clearly is  religious sacrilege and hurts the sentiments of  Srivaishnavaites besides raising fear that such thing could befall on Mutts of other denominations as well.  .. .. as a devotee, I strongly condemn this move!

With anguish and sadness

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.


  1. In the name of socialism, religious freedom etc our religion and traditions are being destroyed.
    We should oppose all these.

  2. We strongly condemn this move.
    One more step to destroy Hindu religion. How is this secular?
    Secularism means Govt should be out of religion. Start a movement to scrap this anti Hindu move

  3. My fear is nobody should apply for the "post"! If they do, then that will be the certain sign that we have lost our sense of sanctity of the sampradhayam !

  4. Appointment of pontif is non of the business of HR & CE DEPARTMENT. LET THEM NOT OVER STEP