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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Masi Magam purappadu - Thiruk Kannapuram

Apropos my earlier post on  Thirukannapuram Divyadesam, the abode of Sri Sowri Raja Perumal – here is something more as experienced during my visit.  Thiru Kannapuram is reverred as one amongst the five Krishnaranya kshetrams  -  with Therazhundur,  Tirukkannangudi, Thiru Kapistalam, and Thiru  Kannamangai. The Nithya pushkarini just infront of the Temple is so vast that it looks more like a large lake… it is neat and clean and a bathe here would cleanse our soul. 

On that day (15th Feb 2013) at around 11.00 pm, fireworks lit up the air, there were hundreds of villagers in a festive mood – and one could see the fast approaching palanquin with bearers on the run… everyone around was so gleeful… it was Sri Sowri Raja Perumal returning after Masi Magam Uthsavam, where  He visits Thirumalai Rayan pattinam and has ‘Theerthavari’ at the Samuthiram [Ocean] ~ and after being away for more than a day, enters the Temple whence all sripadhamthangis who had carried Him all the way are honoured.  

I had in my previous post wondered the apt description of Swami Nammazhwar about the beautiful fortification of the Temple in so many words.  Even today, the Temple with its beautiful tank and tall walls offers an impressive sight.  Swami Nammazhwar says that there is  no despair whatsoever  for those who praises the Lord of Thirukannapuram.    Thirumangai Mannan devotes the entire Ettam pathu of his Thirumozhi for Thirukkannapuram.   Kaliyan’s verses are descriptive of a mother’s lament on her daughter’s séances to the Lord of fragrant groves surrounding Thiru Kannapuram.  Kaliyan in Parakala Nayaki bhavam tells in various manner of the beauty of the Lord to her maid servant.   

In one of the songs, Thirumangai Mannan declares :
மற்றுமோர் தெய்வமுளதென் று இருப்பாரோடு
உற்றிலேன்*  உற்றது முன்னடியார்க்கடிமை*
மற்றெல்லாம் பேசிலும் நின்திருவெட்டெழுத்தும்*
கற்று*  நான் கண்ணபுரத்துறை  அம்மானே. 

Kaliyan  proudly declares that Oh  Lord of kannapuram!- I desire to have no truck to those human beings who take to other gods. By learning the great ‘eight syllable’ (Om Namo Narayanayah) – I have  chosen to take to the service of those devotees doing kainkaryam to you Only.    

Here are some photos of ‘Masi Magam purappadu’ of Sri Sowri Raja Perumal –  the first two  pictures below courtesy   my friend : Sri Thirukannapuram Araiyar Venka Varadhan Swami.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

Draft made in 2.3.2014  and posted this day !

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