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Sunday, December 13, 2020

the primordial Sriman Narayana - creator of Universe, it's benefactor ... முழுதுண்ட பரபரன்

The universe is all of space and their contents, and includes planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. While the spatial size of the entire universe is unknown, it is possible to measure the size of the observable universe, which is currently estimated to be 93 billion light-years in diameter. In various multiverse hypotheses, a universe is one of many causally disconnected constituent parts of a larger multiverse, which itself comprises all of space and time and its contents.  To anyone thinking of self to be mightier, our Earth itself could be a tiny spec of the Universe then individuals !!


ஸ்ரீவைணவம் ஒரு எளிய மார்க்கம்; ஒரு அற்புத மார்க்கம்.  நம் உட்கருத்து மிக எளிமையானது .. .. எம்பெருமான் ஒருவனே ~ அவனே ஸ்ரீமன் நாரணன். அவனே படைத்தது காத்து அழிக்கும் சர்வ வல்லமை பெற்ற பரமபுருஷன்.  அவனே இந்த ஜகத்தை படைத்தான்,  அண்ட சராசரங்களையும், வான்வெளியையும், பூமியையும், பெருங்கடல்களையும், மனித மற்ற எல்லா உயிரிகளை படைத்தவன்.  வேதாந்தங்களில் ஸித்திப்பவனும் எம்பெருமானேயென்றும் அனைத்துக்கும் ஆத்மாவாய் நிற்பவனும் அவனே.  

The earliest cosmological models of the universe were developed by ancient Greek and Indian philosophers and were geocentric, placing Earth at the center.  Over the centuries, more precise astronomical observations led Nicolaus Copernicus to develop the heliocentric model with the Sun at the center of the Solar System.  After decades of exploration in nature’s smallest domains, physicists have finally found evidence that anyons exist. First predicted by theorists in the early 1980s, these particle-like objects only arise in realms confined to two dimensions, and then only under certain circumstances — like at temperatures near absolute zero and in the presence of a strong magnetic field. Physicists are excited about anyons not only because their discovery confirms decades of theoretical work, but also for practical reasons. For example: Anyons are at the heart of an effort by Microsoft to build a working quantum computer.

One Q that has intrigued humanity for centuries is : does life exists beyond this earth – in Mars, any other planet ? – any other galaxy, or elsewhere ??  - and are they superior to us ! – the ‘aliens’.   This week news was abuzz of a  former Israeli space security chief claiming  that aliens exist and that his country and the United States have been dealing with them for years, as reported The Jerusalem Post. Haim Eshed, the former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, said in an interview with Yediot Aharonot, a Hebrew newspaper, that humans have been in contact with the aliens from a “galactic federation”. He said that the extraterrestrial beings had asked them not to reveal that they were here because it would lead to public hysteria. They felt that humanity needed to “evolve and reach a stage where we will... understand what space and spaceships are,” the former space security chief said.

Moving away laterally, and into History, there have been wars in the West for religion – on the ones that claim to promote peace and harmony.  Among the many, the ‘Thirty Years' War’  was a conflict primarily fought in Central Europe from 1618 to 1648; in which the  military and civilian deaths range from 4.5 to 8 million.   Until the mid-20th century, it was seen as predominantly a German civil war and considered one of the European wars of religion. In 1938, CV Wedgwood argued it formed part of a wider European conflict, whose underlying cause was the ongoing contest between Austro-Spanish Habsburgs and French Bourbons.  The conflict split into two is seen as a struggle within the Holy Roman Empire, and the second  1648 Peace of Westphalia. The war originated in differences between German Protestants and Catholics, which were temporarily settled by the 1555 Peace of Augsburg but gradually undermined by political and religious tensions.  



Historians of religion often wonder why there have been no crusades or major religious wars in India despite the fact that Hinduism is among the oldest of religions and India has always been a multi-religious, pluralist society. The Semitic religions believe that their scriptures — are repositories of the absolute and final truth. Those who do not accept these exclusive truths are referred to as ‘pagans’ or ‘kafirs’. Hinduism regards all other religions as nana panthas, as innumerable paths for spiritual realisation. It regards the choice of a pantha as a matter of personal preference.  One chooses the form of worship.  Have heard of different school of thoughts.

Among them one school  believed in Chemistry “ Vaisheshika” and another one “ Nyaya” which believed that logic is the way to know the truth. Vaisheshika  is one of the six schools of Indian philosophy (Vedic systems) from ancient India. In its early stages, the Vaiśeika was an independent philosophy with its own metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, and soteriology.  The epistemology of Vaiśeika school of Hinduism,  accepted only two reliable means to knowledge: perception and inference.    Nyāya, literally meaning "justice", "rules", "method" or "judgment", is one of the six orthodox (astika) schools of Hinduism.  This school's most significant contributions to Indian philosophy was systematic development of the theory of logic, methodology, and its treatises on epistemology. Nyaya school's epistemology accepts four out of six Pramanas as reliable means of gaining knowledge – Pratyaka (perception), Anumāa (inference), Upamāa (comparison and analogy) and Śabda (word, testimony of past or present reliable experts)

ஸ்வாமி நம்மாழ்வாரின் அற்புத வரிகள் - அவர்தம் திருவாய்மொழியில் :

சுரரறி வருநிலை விண்முதல் முழுவதும்

வரன்  முதலாயவை முழுதுண்ட பரபரன்

புரமொரு மூன்றெரித்து  அமரர்க்கும்  அறிவியந்து

அரனயன் என  உலகழித்தமைத்துளனே.

தேவர்கள் மேலானவர்கள் .. விண்ணுலகத்தை ஆள்பவர்கள்.  அத்தகைய பிரமன் முதலிய தேவர்களுக்கும் அறிவொண்ணாத நிலைமையை உடைத்தவன்  ஸ்ரீமந்நாராயணன்.  பூலோகம், விண்ணுலகம்  மூலப்ரக்ருதி முதலாகவுள்ள ஸகலவஸ்துக்களுக்கும்    சிறந்த நல் காரணபூதனாய்,  அவற்றையெல்லாம் படைத்தவனாயும்,  பிரளய காலத்திலே அவற்றையெல்லாம்  உண்டு, தனது  திருவயிற்றிலே அடக்கி பின்பு வெளிக்கொணர்த்தவனாயும்  உள்ள பரம்புருஷன் ருத்ரமூர்த்தியின் உருவத்தைத் தரித்தவனாகி இணையில்லாத திருபுரங்களைத் தறித்தும் உலகங்களை அழித்தல் செய்தும் நான்முகக்கடவுள் எனும்படியாகவும்  நின்று  தேவர்களுக்கு  ஞானத்தைக் கொடுத்தும்,  உலகங்களைப்படைத்தல் செய்தும் இருப்பவன் எம்பெருமான் ஸ்ரீமன் நாராயணனே !!   அவனே அவர்களுக்குள்ளே ஆத்மாவாயும் இருக்கிறான்.  அவனே எல்லாமும் அப்பரம்பொருளை அடைவதே நமது இலட்சியம்.


Whatever be the school of thought or path – to us Sriman Narayana is the supreme.  He is the primordial Lord everywhere – He cannot be seen, even by Devas.  He is the primordial, the first, the Almighty, who created Universe, protects it, swallowed it at the time of Pralaya and took it out from thyself.  He is the Brahma, the creator, the Protector Himself and Siva, the destroyer too and to HIM we bow in obeisance and fall at His lotus feet.  Here are some photos of Sriman Narayana in the form of Lord Sri Parthasarathi, the Charioteer of Arjuna as worshipped at Thiruvallikkeni. 

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar

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