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Sunday, December 6, 2020

now the wait is for Emperuman regular mada veethi purappadu @ Thiruvallikkeni

Planets Jupiter and Saturn will align to form a spectacular phenomenon in the night sky called a 'double planet' in December. The first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 2000 will also be the closest one since 1623. The upcoming conjunction will see Jupiter and Saturn be only 0.1 degree apart. However, this is not the only celestial phenomenon that will be visible in December.

Celestial phenomenons have found mentioned in our Ithihasa puranas ~ during Mahabaratha war there were two of them .. ..  perhaps the interim period when we could not have darshan of Emperuman are to be seen as eclipse or occultations.

As the moon moves along its path during a grazing occultation, the star or the planet can wink in and out of sight.  A star may "disappear" and reappear in stages during the graze !   In space, an occultation happens when one object passes in front of another from an observer's perspective. A simple example is a solar eclipse. From a certain area on Earth, the moon passes in front of the sun and either partially or totally blocks the light. So we can say that the sun is "eclipsed" or "occulted." A lunar eclipse is another example of an occultation, but the description is a little more complicated. When this happens, anybody on the dark side of the Earth can watch the moon pass into the Earth's shadow, so that the Earth is directly in between the Earth and the sun. This eclipse or occultation turns the moon red-brown because it catches the reflected light on the edge of Earth's atmosphere, where the wavelengths are longest.

It should be emphasized that occultations do not  only take place on Earth — they can take place anywhere in the universe. For example, the Apollo 12 astronauts flew through Earth's shadow and saw a solar eclipse on their way home from the moon in 1969. The moon travels on a path in our sky that is called the ecliptic. It represents the plane of our solar system and that approximate area is where the sun, moon and planets travel in our sky. This means that the moon can sometimes pass in front of distant planets and stars.

Whatever be thy name – we do not eclipse or occultation but pray to Emperuman for His unhindered darshan always – that is the purpose of living in Divyadesam as One can go to Temple and wait on the streets to have His darshan during various thiruveethi purappadu.  

Life at a divyadesam is great and blissful are the days of Brahmothsavam.   At Thiruvallikkeni, we have two of them Brahmothsavam of Sri Parthasarathi in Chithirai and Thelliya Singar in Aani.  During the Uthsavam lakhs of Devas visit the divyadesam where the celerbations are taking place,  and every day both in the morning and in the evening – there will be bali (ritualistic offering taking care of such guests).  There would be purappadu of Nithyasurigal – Ananthan, Garudan, Vishwaksenar and Chakrathazhwar in pallakku for ‘bali’ in eight peedams in 8  directions.   Triplicanites would feel happy in having His darshan in the morning and in the evening in different Vahanams.   

On day 1 morning it would be Dharmathi peedam purappadu.   By some accounts, this beautiful vahanam  was rendered in 1906 and hence more than a century old.   Being day 1 ~ it  would be  Muthal thiruvanthathi of Sri Poigai alwar. The Muthalazhwargal (Pogaippiran   Boothathalwar and Peyalwar) met at Thirukovalur.... Poigai azhwar started singing the greatness of the Lord by lighting the Earth itself as the light and Ocean as the ghee......    

என்று கடல்கடைந்தது எவ்வுலகம் நீரேற்றது ?*,

ஒன்றுமதனை யுணரேன் நான்*, - அன்று அது

அடைத்துடைத்துக் கண்படுத்த வாழி*,  இதுநீ

படைத்திடந் து உண்டுமிழ்ந்த பார்.


When was (the time, date, period) the Ocean churned ? when was the Earth begotten from Mahabali; when was the dam made up of mountains and trees made across that ocean again ...... I (Azhwar) do not realise .... the only thing that Azhwar knows too well.... that is the Lord of the Universe, Sriman Narayanan who took the earth as gift, who made, lifted it, ate, preserved and presented to us again .......... it is all simple deeds of the mighty Lord Sriman Narayanan.  

What a great bliss it would be to live in a divyadesam and have darshan of the Supreme Lord in various alankarams astride so many vahanams. On day 1  morning Sri Parthasarathi has purappadu in ‘Dharmathi peedam’ – the Uthsavam dates back to time immemorial – this vahanam by some accounts was submitted a century ago in 1903, perhaps refurbished thereafter. 

Corona denied having HIS darshan for a few months – and  We missed His darshan for months together.   Sept. 1, 2020 provided  a big relief  as Temples reopened and devotees were allowed with restricted timing and some other restrictions.  Now on Thirukarthigai day, Sri Parthasarathi came out – blessed Swami Nammalwar and lit chokkapanai too.  Hopefully by Irapathu uthsvam, there would be regular purappadu in the mada veethis of Thiruvallikkeni and all of us are able to have His unhindered darshan.  Here are some photos of Sri Parthasarathi dharmathi peeda purappadu on 22.4.2016 – the last 3 photos of are of kutti perumal.


~ adiyen  Srinivasadhasan.
Mamandur Veeravalli  Srinivasan Sampathkumar


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