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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

darshan of Emperuman after 160 days ~ time to devote on kainkaryam and supporting kainkaryabarars

In the 2013 IPL final, Malinga ripped out Mike Hussey with an inch-perfect yorker in the first over of the chase and then removed Suresh Raina for a duck next ball as Mumbai secured their first title. In the 2015 final, also against Chennai Super Kings, Malinga bowled MS Dhoni for 18 to help Mumbai clinch their second title. More recently, in 2019, Malinga nailed his signature slower dipping yorker to trap Shardul Thakur off the final ball and wrap up an unprecedented fourth IPL title for Mumbai.  The news today is Mumbai Indians fast bowler Lasith Malinga, the highest wicket-taker in the IPL, has pulled out of the 2020 season in the UAE owing to personal reasons. Australia fast bowler James Pattinson, who is yet to play an IPL game, has been named as his replacement.  Formats for the 2020-21 editions of Europe's Champions Cup and Challenge Cup have been overhauled because of the novel coronavirus with an expanded knockout stage, European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) said on Wednesday. According to the new formats, unanimously agreed upon by the EPCR board, the elite Champions Cup will be contested by 24 clubs - four more than in regular seasons - with eight top-ranked sides each from the Premiership, Pro14 and Top14.

Europe can live with Covid-19 without a vaccine by managing outbreaks with localised lockdowns, the World Health Organization's director for the region said on Tuesday, adding he did not expect a return to full national-level restrictions.

Sept. 1, 2020 came as a big relief to people after continuous lockdowns ! -On the first day of bus services resumption after lockdown relaxation, as many as 6,090 buses operated across the State.   While MTC resumed operation of about 2,400 buses, the six divisions of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporations (TNSTC) have operated the rest of the buses. The State Express Transport Corporation (SETC) which caters to long distance commuters has not resumed its service.

Corona has not been driven out - Seven States have contributed to 70% of the COVID-19 cases reported in 24 hours and of these, Maharashtra has recorded the highest case load of almost 21%, followed by Andhra Pradesh (13.5%), Karnataka (11.27%) and Tamil Nadu (8.27%). Uttar Pradesh with 8.27%, West Bengal with 3.85% and Odisha with 3.84% are the other States, said the Union Health Ministry on Monday.  As India enters the fourth phase of the post-pandemic ‘unlock’ process, the Indian Railways plans to start more special passenger trains in high-demand sectors, for which it is in discussions with various State governments. These trains will be run in addition to the 230 special trains that are currently operational.

Sept 1 2020 was an all-important day as after 160 days Temples reopened and devotees were allowed inside the Temples and could have darshan.  At Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam, the crowds were not exactly swelling – people stood in queue, were given a token (which was collected immediately after two / three steps by another person !) – those in the queue proceeded having darshan of Thirukachi Nambigal, Vedanthachar, Sri Ramanujar, Swami Manavala Mamunigal, Pillailogachar and -  could have darshan of moolavar Sri VenkataKrishnan from distance [from Dwarapalakas] and then had  darshan at Sri Vedavalli thayar, Sri Varadha Rajar, Sri Azhagiya Singar, Andal sannathies, proceeding further towards yagashala of Pavithrothsavam.

Indeed satisfying for those of us who could think of Emperuman in our thoughts only ! .. .. it is time to focus on kainkaryam.  Kainkaryam to Emperuman is the very essence of Sri Vaishnavism – and one of the primordial kainkaryam is ‘arulicheyal’ – rendition of the Nalayira divyaprabandha pasurams of Azhwargal.

While it is required to be learnt properly in ‘santhai’ murai from those who are well informed on this – if one learns the 100 verses of Moonram Thiruvanthathi of Peyazhwar, one can attend so many goshti (thiruveethi purappadu) at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam.  Here is the concluding pasuram of Moondram thiruvanthathi of Sri Peyalwar. 


சார்வு நமக்கென்றும் சக்கரத்தான், தண்டுழாய்த்

தார்வாழ் வரைமார்பன் தான் முயங்கும், - காரார்ந்த

வானமரும்  இன்னிமைக்கும் வண்டாமரைநெடுங்கண்,

தேனமரும் பூமேல் திரு.


எம்பெருமானே பெரிய பிராட்டியாரே நமக்குத் தஞ்சம் என்று  ஆழ்வார் தலைக்கட்டுகிறார்.   எம்பெருமான் ஸ்ரீமன் நாரணன் - திருவாழியைக் கையிலே உடையவன்,  குளிர்ந்த திருத்துழாய் மாலை விளங்கப்பெற்ற மலைபோன்ற திருமார்ப யுடையனுமானவன்.  அத்தகைய சிறப்பு வாய்ந்த   எம்பெருமானால்  ஸம்ச்லேஷிக்கப்படுகின்றவளாய்,  மேகங்கள் செறிந்த ஆகாசத்திலே   நிலைத்து நிற்கக் கூடியதான மின்னல்போல  விளங்குகின்றவளாய்,  அழகிய தாமரைப் பூப்போன்ற நீண்ட திருக்கண்களையுடையளாய்,  தேன் நிறைந்த தாமரைப் பூவில் வஸிப்பவளான பெரிய பிராட்டியார் தான் நமக்கு எப்போதும் சரணம், என அறுதியிட்டு உரைக்கின்றார் நமது தமிழ்த்தலைவன் பேயாழ்வார்.

Here are some photos of Sri Azhagiya Singar purappadu to Thavana uthsava bungalow on 7th Mar 2010 [yes a decade ago !] – photos taken Canon Powershot A1100 IS.


adiyen Srinivasa dhasan

Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar

2nd Sept 2020.

பாசுர விளக்கம் : கட்டற்ற சம்பிரதாய கலை  களஞ்சியம் : திராவிட வேதா இணையம்.



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