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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Brahmothsavam at Thiruvanparisaram divyadesam 2019

For a Srivaishnavaite visiting temples and worshipping Lord Mahavishnu in his various forms and avatars is of greatest significance.  The temples on which our Azhwaars have sung in Naalayira Divya Prabandham are collectively known as “108 Divyadesams”.  13 of these are known as ‘malainadu or sera nattu divyadesams.  In general, most are under the impression that all these are in various parts in Kerala.  All these are managed by Malayala  pothis and the way of worship is far different than what we do in Chola and Thondainattu thirupathis.  Many are known by their local names than the names associated in Naalayira divya prabandham.

One such divya desam is “Thiruvanparisaram” – many guidebooks describe the route to this divyadesam from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.  This in fact is very much in Tamilnadu and lies much closer to Nagercoil.  People regularly visit Kanyakumari for Vivekananda rock and for seeing sun rise and sun set.  You can very easily go to this divyadesam and have darshan of the Lord.  As one travels from Tirunelveli to Kanyakumari – you pass through “Nankuneri aka Vanamamalai – Thirusirivaramangai” – the headquarters of Thennacharya sampradhayam, Thirukurungudi and then traverse the western ghats.  One would find hundreds of Windmills (Wind electricity generators of various makes and sizes) and after Panagudy, Muppandal – you can find Thirupathisaram.  This is around 3 kms closer to Nagercoil and easily accessible. The famous Sthanumalayan temple of Suseendram is also nearer from here (around 7 km)

Thirupathisaram is Thiruvanparisaram – the divyadesam.  There is a huge tank in front of the temple.  The temple is in Kerala style of architecture.  Though it has a big door, a smaller door only was found open at the time of our visit.

The imposing moolavar in sitting posture [Veetru irundha thirukkolam] is Thirukuralappan.  Lord has Lakshmi on his chest and hence known as ‘Thiruvaazh Maarbhan”.  There is  a sannadhi for Nammazhwaar and a Ramar sannadhi inside which Kulasekara azhwar is also there.

Nammazhwaar has sung about this Lord in Thiruvaimozhi {8-3-7 (3475)}.  Udaya Nangai, mother of Swami Nammazhwaar hailed from this place and it is believed that Udaya Nangai underwent 41 days penance before the Lord here and conceived Nammazhwaar. The idol of the chief deity is 9 feet tall and made specially of Katusarkara Yogam (Mustard and Jaggery paste).  There will be no thirumanjanam for the moolavar for this reason.  There are paintings on the walls inside.

Early day renovations were believed to have been carried out by King Kulasekara and Thirumalai Naicker.  The annual Brahmothsavam at this divaydesam (though could be far different than the ones we have here) started on 10.4.2019 – here are some photos thanks to my colleague Mr V Thiruvambalam who hails from this place.  Special thanks are due to Mr Thiruvazhi Velayutham Pillai and Mr Sundar.

adiyen  dhasan ~ S. Sampathkumar.
11th Apr 2019.

 சன்னதி வாசல் 

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