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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sri Thelliya Singar Thavana Uthsavam at Triplicane 2015

Thiruvallikkeni is replete with Festivities – it is Balalayam for Sri Parthasarathi – for Sri Azhagiya Singar, the 3 day Thavana Uthsavam commenced today – 10th Mar 2015.   

For us Vedas, and Ithihasapuranams are the most reverred scriptures – Of the two, Mahabaratham is replete with rich moral stories and life instances.  It extols  the living of Lord Krishna at every stage of his life – right from his birth in prison cell, to moving across river Yamuna during the heavy downpour; to his growth of every stage at Gokulam, his plays at Vrindavan to the Great battle at Gurukshetra and more……….

Kulasekhara Azhwar in his Perumal Thirumozhi lists out some of the deeds of Bala Krishna, described as Devaki missing out His deeds -
குன்றினால் குடை கவித்ததும் கோலக்குரவை கோத்ததும் குட மாட்டும்
கன்றினால் விளவெறிந்ததும் காலால்  காளியன் தலை மிதித்தது முதலா**
Some of them are : “the lifting and holding the Govardhana Giri to protect the stony rain;  His bathing exploits with Gopikas; throwing away the Asura who came in the form of a calf and with that making wood apples fall; dancing on the hood of the deadly Kalinga and more”…….. !!

Kaliya  also known as Kalingan was a poisonous Naga living in the Yamuna River, in Vrindavan where occurred the legend of most dreaded Kaliya and the exploit of Lord Krishna who jumped into the pond, danced on the hood of deadly snake, thereby turning the lake turbid  - and when Kaliya surrendered, He benevolently favoured him too…. 

Sri Thelliya Singar had purappadu in the morning reached the Bungalow, had  Thirumanjanam inside the premises, had purappadu inside the Bungalow in the evening  He had sarrupadi [decoration ~ alankaram] as ‘Kalinga Narthana Kannan ~ the Krishna who danced on the hood of Kalinga, the snake during Krishna Avathara’.  

To make you appreciate the sarrupadi, a  photo of Azhagiha Singar taken during Swathi purappadu on an earlier occasion is also posted here.  

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

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