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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sri Rama Navami - Hanumantha vahana purappadu at Mylai Sri Madhava Perumal Temple

On the  holy day of Sree Rama Navami [28th Mar 2015]  – the day on which Lord Sri Ramachandramurthy, the supreme avatar of Maryada Purush  was born in the blessed land of Ayodhya, having darhsan of Lord Sri Rama, gives us bountiful happiness and pleasure.  Lord Rama descended on earth for the purpose of upholding righteousness and rewarding virtue.  Chanting the name of ‘Sri Rama’; praising His valour; hearing Sri Ramanayanam, visiting His temples – all will do us good.  In Temples, Kulasekara Alwar’s “Perumal Thirumozhi” is recited.

***  அங்கணெடு மதிள்புடைசூழ் அயோத்தி யென்னும் அணிநகரத் து உலகு அனைத்தும் விளக்கும் சோதி*; வெங்கதிரோன் குலத்துக்கோர் விளக்காய்த் தோன்றி விண்முழுதும்  உயக் கொண்ட வீரன்றன்னை* செங்கணெடுங் கருமுகிலை இராமன் தன்னை…………. ***
In the 10th decad, Azwar sees the one at Thillai Nagar Chithirakoodam [modernday Chidambaram] as the  mighty warrior born in Ayodhya **

The most valorous, mightily powerful,  man of great  wisdom, who could organize a group of roaming ones, who can jump hundreds of miles, yet who remained at the feet of his Master, totally committed thinking of their welfare alone – unassuming - Aanjaneya, ‘thiruvadi’ – is the  bearer of Lord Rama –  and on  this day of Sri Rama Navami, there is  purappadu of Sri Rama in Hanumantha vahanam.  Here are some photos of   Lord Sri Rama Hanumantha vahana purappadu at Mylai Madhava Perumal temple.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan. 

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