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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mayamaan 'Mareecha vatham' - Thirumayilai Sri Madhava Perumal Thirukoil

It is a place that predates British rule by several centuries; it was occupied by the Portuguese in 1523, which  lasted until 1749, later falling  into the hands of the British East India Company.   It is “Mylapore” [Thiru Mayilai],  a cultural hub; one of the oldest residential parts of the city, also known as VEdapuri and Mayurapuri.

Thirumazhisai Azhwar in his mangalasasanam of Thiruvallikkeni calls ‘Maamayilai Maavallikkeyniyaan”;  Thirumangai Mannan also names it ‘Mayilai Thiruvallikkeni’  perhaps they existed as ‘twin cities’ ! …  Besides Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple [Mylai Karpagambal] (Mayilai indicative of presence of peacocks) – there exist two ancient Vaishnavaite temples.  Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal owning the Chithirai kulam and Sri Madhava Perumal Thirukovil nearer Arundale Street where the birthplace of Sri Peyalwar exists.  This place Madhavapuram was considered to be the holiest place for performing penance by Sage Vyasa according the Sthala puranam. 

The Presiding deity of Sri Mylai Madhava Perumal Thirukovil is in a sitting posture hailed as Sri Madhavar and His consort is Amirthavalli.  The Uthsavar idol is extremely beautiful.   There is a separate sannathi for Sri Ramar. 

In the divine Ithihasa puranam Sri Ramayanam,  Ravana of evil mind, planned deceitfully to carry Sitadevi by stealth.   He, directed a rakshasa by name Mareecha to appear as a golden hued deer. Maricha reached Panchavati and in the form of a golden deer ambled in front of Sri Rama’s cottage; his body was sleek, had attractive glow, his horns shone blue.  Sitadevi while plucking flowers noticed the deer with shining coat.  Sri Rama went after the deer …… when the evil minded Ravana abducted Sitadevi, leading to his downfall and death. 

At Mylai Madhava Perumal temple, on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, daily there is sarruppadi [alankaram] depicting the episodes of Sri Ramayana and today [26th Mar 2015] it was ‘mareecha vatham’.  Here are some photos taken by me.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

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