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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Makara Kandigai for Sri Parthasarathi, Thiruvallikkeni

The annual 10 day long Brahmothsavam started today at Thiruvallikkeni.  There will be grand purappadu in the Morning and Evening of all the days ~ other than 7th day – the day of ‘Periya Thiruther’ [Chariot – car festival]

I had posted of the morning purappadu of Sri Parthasarathi in Dharmathipeetam.  The  Lord who showers munificence is embellished with choicest ornaments and most beautifully woven flower garlands.

A day back, some devotees submitted a wonderfully made ‘Makara Kandigai’ [a haaram – an ornament worn around the neck – in the form of makara fish].  Today,  the makara kandi ornament got its worth as it was worn by our Perumal who volunteered to steer the horses of Arjuna in the Mahabaratha yudha.

Understand that a very similar thiruvabaranam exists in Thiru Kachi for Devathi Rajar which has some history behind it……

Below are some photos of Sri Parthasarathi wearing the 'Makara Kandigai'

The British colonolialism owed its spread to a writer in East India Co, known as Robert Clive who after the first Carnatic war rose to prominence.  Robert Clive is credited to have donated a gold ornament with precious stones etched in it – a ‘makara kandi’ – the clive ornament, which adorns Lord Varadha Rajar of Kanchipuram. 

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
24th April 2013. 
this photo above courtesy : Thirumazhisai Kannan.

மகரம் - makaram - [makaram] : sea-monster, the fish which piloted the bark of Satyavrata at the time of the deluge; 2. a shark, சுறா; 3. Capricorn of the Zodiac figured as half-fish, half-animal; 4. a crocodile, an alligator, முதலை;
மகரகண்டிகை/ மகர தோரணம்  :  ornamental hangings of cloth representing two fishes,
மகரக்குழை, fish-shaped ear-rings.
மகர கேதனம் : , a flag with the figure of a fish.
மகர சங்கராந்தி : , the transist of the sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn.
மகரயூகம், மகரவியூகம் :  an army arrayed for battle in the shape of a fish.

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