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Friday, June 16, 2023

Aani Masa pirappu 2023 - heat waves, Plymouth charter and more !!

Today 16.6.2023 is Aani masa pirappu.


Most of us know that swanky long car – earlier plied in Janavasams ‘Plymouth’ -  a brand from the stables  of Chrysler Corporation and its successor DaimlerChrysler. The brand was launched in 1928 to compete in what was then described as the "low-priced" market segment that was dominated by Chevrolet and Ford. It became a high-volume seller for the automaker until the late 1990s. Plymouth cars were marketed primarily in the United States. The brand was withdrawn from the marketplace in 2001.   

Maine is the easternmost state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. It borders New Hampshire,  Gulf of Maine and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec.  Maine is the 12th-smallest by area, the 9th-least populous, the 13th-least densely populated, and the most rural  of the 50 U.S. states. It is also the northeasternmost among the contiguous United States.  The most populous city in Maine is Portland. Maine's capital is Augusta. 

The break monsoon phase brings Upper air circulation close to the TN coast and showers are possible from Sunday to Wednesday over North TN #Chennai reads a weather bulletin which would make Chennaites angry.  Most of us thought, today was among the hottest days !!- sweltering heat.  Though we felt inside kilns, the weather report puts it around - 38 °C only and adds that it felt like   43 °C.  

Gone are the days when the month of May used to be the hottest in Chennai!! This is now the month of June and Chennaites have been experiencing one of the worst ever summers. The strong westerlies did not allow sea breeze to blow across the land and heat has been present till late evenings now in the city.  The heatwaves are killing with people feeling dehydrated and some collapsing on roads too.  This  June is the second hottest ever as per the records. As the Cyclone Biparjoy would be making landfall, SW monsoon could pick up gradually in the coming days.   

The intended reference is not to Plymouth car but to the Plymouth Company, officially known as the Virginia Company of Plymouth, a company chartered by King James in 1606 along with the Virginia Company of London with responsibility for colonizing the east coast of America between latitudes 38° and 45° N. 

Pejepscot, Maine is a historical settlement first occupied by a subset of the Androscoggin Native Americans known as the Wabanaki. The Maine region was  first settled by English settlers in 1628.  In the year 1620, a charter was granted by King James II of England to forty noblemen, knights, and gentlemen, calling themselves the Plymouth Company.  Arriving in 1628, the first permanent European settler in Pejepscot was Thomas Purchase from Dorchester, Dorset England. On June 16, 1632, the Plymouth Company granted a patent to Purchase and his brother in-law George Way for the lands at Pejepscot, in the current towns of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell Maine.


At Thiruvallikkeni this evening with road still exhaling heat occurred  Aani masa pirappu purappadu of Sri Parthasarathi perumal.  Midway at South Mada Street, due to some asantharpam – Purappadu was cut short and Perumal returned back to Temple for thiruvanthikappu.  Here are some photos of today’s purappadu.


Aani masam has a hectic schedule at Thiruvallikkeni.  Tomorrow is Rohini & Amavasai and periya veethi purappadu.  From Sunday, for 7 days there would be Kodai uthsavam and a day later on 29.6 is Ankurarpanam of Sri Azhagiya Singar brahmothsavam.  Thurs 29th is Garuda Sevai; 1st July eve Yoga Narasimhar thirukolam followed by Hanumantha vahanam; 2nd July is Yanai; 3rd Thiruther.  Theerthavari on Wed 5th July 2023.


adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli  Srinivasan  Sampathkumar

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