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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sri Cheluva Naranar & Vaira Mudi Sevai 2019 @ Thirumylai

The Hoysala empire ruled  between the 10th and the 14th centuries. The capital of the Hoysalas was initially located at Belur but was later moved to Halebidu.  Art, architecture,  Kannada& Sanskrit literature  and Vaishnavism flourished during their reign.  .. .. .. we are interested in Mandya ~ more specifically Melukote Thirunarayanapuram for the temple here and because of our Acaryar staying here.  

Our Acaryas following the holy orders of Sri Udayavar believe that one must reside at Melukote (Thirunarayanapuram) at least for a day.   The Temple  ‘Sri Selva Narayana Perumal Kovil’ at Melkote referred to by us as Thiru Narayanapuram, is a Abhimana sthalam of Udayavar, who lived here for 12 years, codified and ordained strict procedures for betterment of Sri Vaishnavism.    It is a hilly protected place, calmness, serenity and divinity pervading here.  It is on rocky hills known as Yadugiri, Yadavagiri and Yadushailadweepa, overlooking the Cauvery valley. The moolavar here is Thiru Narayanar.  The beautiful Uthsavar is ‘Sampathkumarar also known as Selvapillai’ – the name of temple is ‘Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple’

                  Sure you would have heard of the most famous Vaira Mudi Sevai – whence the Lord wears the throne made of Diamond.  The annual Uthsavms are being celebrated with grandiose.  The most capturing is the ‘Sri Vairamudi Kireetadharna Mahotsav ‘  part of the Brahmotsav.  This famous crown makes it journey from the Mandya treasury every year.    Devotees in lakhs  throng Melkote to have darshan on the Special occasion ~ and today is that special day.

Sri Chelva Naranar [Sampathkumarar] adorns Vairamudi [the crown of diamond] and has purappadu on Garuda vahanam.  There is also the seva with another crown known as ‘Rajamudi’.  The Temple, the Kalyani pushkarini and major roads will be lit grandly for the purappadu.  Legend has it that this grand ‘Vaira kireedam’ was presented by Lord Krishna Himself.  The crown is never exposed to daylight and is kept in a special casket.   The serene town of Melukote comes to life with the grandeur and majesty of the procession. Rajamudi, is adorned on the Lord on the next day of the Brahmotsava. Here is a photo of Sri Selva Naranar adorning ‘vairamudi’. (credit my friend Sathishkumar)

In the nearby Thirumylai Sri Madhava Perumal Temple, this occasion is being celebrated for many decades now.  The idol of  Selva Pillai, here too has purappadu in a similar looking Garuda sevai as ‘Vairamudi sevai purappadu’.

Had darshan of Vairamudi Garudasevai at Thirumylai Madhava Perumal thirukovil – partook in Kovil thiruvaimozhi goshti ~ later there was purappadu inside the temple with Sri Peyalwar’s moonram thiruvanthathi.  Here are some photos of Thirumylai vaibhavam

~adiyen dhasan S. Sampathkumar

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