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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sri Thelliya Singar Dharmathi Peedam 2018

                               Festive days are back again ~  the annual Aani Brahmothsavam of Sri Azhagiya Singar started today  23rd June 2018  at Thiruvallikkeni. It was a grand purappadu in Dharmathi peedam. 

                   In the morning it was dwajarohanam (பிரம்மோத்ஸவ கொடி  ஏற்றம்).   First it was Senai Muthaliyar  and Nithya surigal in pallakku and bali – then Sri Azhagiya Singar had purappadu via Peyalwar koil street in Tholukku Iniyan to the vahana mantap.  At around 8.30 am, it was grand purappadu in Dharmathipeedam, by some accounts this vahanam was rendered in 1906 and hence more than a century old.   

Being day 1 ~ it is Muthal thiruvanthathi of Sri Poigai alwar
வாய் அவனை  அல்லது வாழ்த்தாது கையுலகம்*
தாயவனை அல்லது  தாந்தொழா - பேய்முலை
நஞ்சூணாகவுண்டான் உருவோடு பேரல்லால்*
காணாகண் கேளா செவி.

~ astounding words of faith in Muthal Thiruvanthathi.  Poigai Azhwar speaks of Lord Krishna who strolled on Earth as a child, drank poison with relish from the breasts of ogress… Alwar proclaims that his hands will salute none other than Him; lips shall not extol anybody else; eyes will not see – other than His form ~ and ears would not hear anything other than the name(s) of Sriman Narayana.

We live – we pray – we go to temples….. in Sri Vaishnavism, in the various forms of God – the one which is easiest and the form in which the Supreme God makes Himself available to us daily is ‘Idol worship’ in Divyadesams and other temples – this is known as ‘Archai’ ~ Archavatharam, where the Supreme Lord Maha Vishnu manifests Himself in various idol forms and comes near us to shower his munificence to us …… and this was perfectly experienced when we had darshan of Sri Thelliya Singar in dharmathi peedam.

Sharing this darshan with the photos taken this morning
~ adiyen  Srinivasadhasan.

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