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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Aani punarvasu ~ Thiruvallikkeni Sri Ramar purappadu 2018

A great day today – had darshan at Thiruputkuzhi divyadesam, proceeded to my native village Dusi Mamandur and had darshan at Sri Sundaravalli sametha Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal.. in the evening – at Thiruvallikkeni  ~ Punarvasu nakshathiram and purappadu of Sree Ramapiran with Sitadevi and Lakshmana at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam.   

திக்குநிறை புகழாளன் தீவேள்விச் சென்றநாள்; மிக்கபெருஞ் சபைநடுவே வில்லிறுத்தான்

Sri Rama, is the supreme Lord.  Sage Viswamaitra took him away from the kingdom with the permission of Dasaratha, for protecting his yagnas.  The mighty warrior (though at a very young age) who had visited the forests to protect the seer’s fire-sacrifice, was taken to Mithila -  broke the bow of the world-famous Janaka in the great assembly of princes.

The complete history of Sri Rama from His birth to Pattabishekam has been celebrated grandly in tinseldom too.  Sampoorna Ramayanam is an epic film made in 1958 directed by K somu, featuring NT Rama Rao and Sivaji Ganesan – TK bagavathi as Ravna - with musical score by KV Mahadevan (great songs !) – the film was remade again in 1971 with sobhan babu in lead role and SV Rangarao as Ravana. 

Lord Rama descended on earth for the purpose of upholding righteousness and rewarding virtue. His life is the subject of The Ramayana. Rama lived the life of perfection and responsibility exhibiting glorious traits of wisdom and conscientiousness.   The greatest Ithihasam ‘Sri Ramayanam’ accurately depicts without an iota of exaggeration,  the life and journey of the immortal Maryadha purush -  In the epic, His glory is described by Sage Valmeeki as :

यावत्स्थास्यन्ति गिरयस्सरितश्च महीतले । तावद्रामायणकथा लोकेषु प्रचरिष्यति ॥
~  that as long as the hills remain and streams add life by their flow on earth, so long shall the true story of Rāma prevail.  **

Today, 16th June 2018 is Aani punarvasu – and there was purappadu of Sri Rama Piran, Sita piratti and Lakshmana – inside in the main mandapam,  Kulasekara Alwar, Mudaliandan and Swami Embar were seated nearer.  There was rendition of ‘Perumal Thirumozhi’ of Kulasekara azhwar.  Here are some photos of the purappadu.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan. 

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