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Friday, May 11, 2018

PM Shri Narendra Modi worships at Janakpur

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visits Janakpur

ततः प्रागुत्तरां गत्वा    **  रामः सौमित्रिणा सह ।
विश्वामित्रं पुरस्कृत्य  **  यज्ञवाटमुपागमत् ॥

In the Holy Ramanaya, in Bala Kandam, Sri  Rāma, along with Lakshmaa, led by Viwāmitra  travelled in the northeasterly direction and reached the place of (Janaka's) Yajña (in Mithilā).

The  Kingdom of the Videhas (also known as Mithila and Tirabhuki) was an ancient kingdom in Vedic India which rose to prominence under King Janaka. The ancient kingdom's territory is presently located in Mithila region of Northern and eastern Bihar of India and the eastern Terai of Nepal.  The present day Mithila is a geographical and cultural region located in the Indian state of Bihar. This region is bounded by the Mahananda River in the east, the Ganges in the south, the Gandaki River in the west and by the foothills of the Himalayas in the north. The native language in Mithila is Maithili, and its speakers are referred to as Maithils.

The name Mithila is commonly used to refer to the Videha Kingdom, as well as to the modern-day territories that fall within the ancient boundaries of Videha. During the epic Sri Ramayanam,  it was in Janakpur that Lord Rama and Sitadevi were married to each other.

At Janakpur exists a magnificent Temple, dedicated to the daughter of the soil – Seetha Pirattiyar.   It is an example of Hindu-Koiri Nepali architecture. Fully built in bright white and constructed in an area of 4,860 sq. feet, the temple is 50 meters high.  It is a three-storied structure made entirely of stone and marble. All its 60 rooms are decorated with the flag of Nepal, colored glass, engravings and paintings, with beautiful lattice windows and turrets.

Indian   Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji  arrived today in Nepal for a two-day state visit at the invitation of Nepalese Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli. At 10:15 am, PM Modiji's plane landed in historical Janakpur, a sub-metropolitan city, and  he offered prayers at the Janki Temple.  In his speech, Shri Modi stated that Raja Janak and Raja Dasharatha did not just connect Ayodhya and Janapur but tied India and Nepal in bond of friendship. This is the bond of Ram Sita. This bond pulls people to Pashupatinath and Bodh Gaya, and this is what has pulled me here today. India Nepal ties are not limited to any definition but the language of faith, relationship, roti and beti (daughter) ~ he said -  Ayodhya is incomplete without the link to Mata Janak.  He concluded stating It was his  long due wish to visit the land of Goddess Sita and offer  prayers and today’s visit made him extremely happy.

            Issuing a joint statement with Nepali PM KP Oli on Friday, 11 May, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi emphasised that “India stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Nepal”. Modi, who is on a two-visit to Nepal, earlier met with the country’s President and Vice President, and also addressed a civic reception in Janakpur. PM Shri Modi and KP Oli also laid the foundation stone of the 900 MW Arun III hydroelectric power plant project in Kathmandu.

On 3rd May 2018, We had the fortune of visiting Janakpur,   the headquarters of Dhanusa District in Nepal and had darshan at Sita Mata temple.  Here are couple photos of the most magnificent temple for Seetha devi.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar
11th May 2018.

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