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Monday, May 9, 2016

Udayavar Sarrumurai 2016 : சித்திரையில் செய்ய திருவாதிரை

எம்பெருமானார் சாற்றுமுறை சித்திரையில் செய்ய திருவாதிரை

நந்தா நரகத்து அழுந்தாமை வேண்டிடில் நானிலத்தீர் !
எந்தாதையான எதிராசனை நண்ணும் என்றும் !!

Ananthan (Adhiseshan) is the first incarnation serving Sriman Narayana  in paramapadham, thirupparkadal, etc;  Lakshmanan was his second incarnation, born to serve Sri Raman; next it was Balaraman to be with Sri Krishna ~ in Kaliyuga, he was born as our Acharyar  reforming the whole Universe.

10th May 2016 is indeed a glorious day ~ the most auspicious ‘Thiruvathirai in the month of Chithirai’- the day when Acharyar Ramanujar was born on this planet for imparting knowledge to all and to guide us in the right path towards SrimanNarayana.  Sri Perumpudur became  the most divine place with the birth of Bashyakarar,  in the year 1017  to Kesava Somayaji and Gandhimathi.   

He learnt satsampradayam from many Acharyas, toured the entire Country, making the Srivaishnava tradition flourish in all his path.  He was a great administrator too.  He created flawless systems, corrected the administration of Sri Rangam ensuring the proper maintenance of the wealth of Lord Ranganatha and creating teams to properly continue all kainkaryams to the Lord.  The fountain of knowledge, he was, he provided wealth of knowledge through his many works which include the Magnum Opus ‘Sri Bashyam – the Vishishtavaida commentary of Brahma sutram of VyasaBhagavan.; VedanthaDeepam, Vedanta Saram, Vedanta Sangraham, Gadyathrayam and many many more….

The brahmothsavam at Thiruvarangam takes place in Panguni Uthiram.  Lord Alagia Manavalan and goddess Ranganayaki are seated on the same dias – and on one such occasion num Swami rendered the nectar ‘Saranagati Gadya’.  NamPerumal  with words ‘Sathyakama, Sathyasankalpa’ which would mean the most loveable quality of resolve to protect His devotees and the will to be incarnated in any form to come to the succour of devotees – He is Creator, Protector and Sustainer.

Let us fall at the lotus feet of our Acharyar which only  will relieve us of all our sins and steer us towards good thinking, good deeds and towards salvation through service to Lord and His bakthas.

Some photos taken this morning during the Emperumanar purappadu at his birth place Sriperumpudur are here.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

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