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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sri DEvathirajar [Sri Varadharajar] Garuda Sevai 2016

In this earthly World full of conflicts, people often are listless, fear everything and do not have a composed mind. What should they look to ?  ஒருவகைக் கலக்கமுமில்லாத இடம் பரமபதம் ** அவ்விடத்தை நமக்கு அளிக்க வல்லன் எவன் என்ற கேள்வியும் உளதோ

The annual brahmothsavam of Sri Varadharaja Swami  is now on and 21st May 2016 was day 3 -  the famous Garuda Sevai – when Lord is taken in procession on vahanam of Garuda also known as Periya Thiruvadi.

              Garuda Seva is grand, majestic and  has special significance at  Kanchi’s link with Sholinghur because of Swami Doddayachaaryar.    Even in Kali Yuga – Perumal had direct interaction with Thirukachi Nambigal and our Thoddachar Swami, whose lineage is doing great kainkaryam to Sri Akkarakkani Emperuman at Cholasimhapuram.  Forefather of the present day Acharyar, who lived during 16th century, was an ardent devotee of Lord Varadharaja and did many kainkaryams to Him. He was a regular in the annual Vaikasi Garuda Sevai of Devathirajar. Legend has it that on a particular year, he was not well and could not attend the Garudothsavam at Kachi. He was feeling desperate about his misfortune of not being able to have darshan of PerArulalar at Kachi on Garuda vahanam. He lamented standing near the Thakkan kulam at Cholasimhapuram (Sholinghur]. He composed hymns on Varadharaja, known as Sri Devaraja Panchakam. He longed for the Lord's sevai and these outpourings were a direct result of his bakthi and state of mind.

Emperuman the most merciful Sriman Narayana  will never let his ardent bhaktha down. He came down to Sholinghur and gave darshan to Dhoddacharyar - seated on Garuda vahanam. Such is the mercy and leela vinotham of PerArulalar.   Even today, on VaikAsi GarudOthsavam day, there is the  tradition known as Doddayachaaryar  Sevai, when the archakas hide Lord Varadhar at the western gate for a short time with two umbrellas just before He leaves the temple. It is believed that Lord goes to Sholinghur for giving darshan to Dhoddacharyar. The mangala aarathi takes place thereafter.

அவனே அருவரையால் ஆநிரைகள் காத்தான்,
அவனே அணிமருதம் சாய்த்தான், - அவனே
கலங்காப் பெருநகரம் காட்டுவான் கண்டீர்,
இலங்காபுரம்  எரித்தான் எய்து.

Sri Peyalwar is crystal clear in his hymn praising the Lord, who protected the cows and cowherds by holding the mountain Govardhana, the one who broke marudhu trees, who razed the city of Lanka killing demons, the Lord of the perfect city of Ayodhya is the Only One – who can give us salvation and give us the blissful life at  His abode ‘Paramapadam’

On the glorious Garuda Seva time, we remember the great Acharyar and fall at the feet of the Acharyars through whom only we can reach our Emperuman.  At Thriuvallikkeni divyadesam, this morning there was grand purappadu on Garuda vahanam ~ one will have to be at Thirukachi, to see and believe the crowds and the grandeur – here is a photo posted by FB friend Girivel.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

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