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Monday, May 2, 2016

Sri Udayavar Uthsavam day 2 : 2016

Tourism was a highly-developed economic and cultural activity in ancient  India.  Our darsana Sthapakar, Sri Ramanujar rightly reverred as ‘Yathi Rajar’ ~ the king among yathis [hermits and sages],   travelled all the way by foot to the far away Kashmir.   Sri Udayavar, toured the entire Country, making the Srivaishnavatie tradition flourish in all his path.  He was a great administrator too.  He created flawless systems, corrected the administration of Sri Rangam ensuring the proper maintenance of the wealth of Lord Ranganatha and creating teams to properly continue all kainkaryams to the Lord. 

Our Acharyar had promised Yamanaryar on writing a commentary on Brahma sutra of Vyasa.  Bodhayana vritti was available only in Kachmeeram. Ramanuja and his disciple Kuresar went on foot all the way.  The King of Kashmir and his Court scholars were astounded by the profound knowledge of our Acharyar but refused to part with the reverred text. Kuresa who had a prodigious memory glanced through it.

At Thiruvallikkeni, it is a 10 day Uthsavam with purappadus in the morning and evening as well…. then there are also Thirumanjanam, Thiruppavai sarrumurai,  Mangalasasanam, Thiruvaimozhi sarrumurai and Sri Ramanujar would take rest in the kannadi arai.  In the words of Thiruvarangathu Amuthanar, the earthly human beings were all given the true  Knowledge by the birth of Acharyar Ramanujar and started disciples of Sriman Narayanan.

உலகோர்கள் எல்லாம் அண்ணல் இராமானுசன் வந்து தோன்றிய
அப்பொழுதே நண்ணரு ஞானம் தலைக்கொண்டு நாரணற்கு ஆயினரே.

Triplicanites were too happy to have darshan of Sri Ramanujar in palanquin this morning on day 2; since there was no purappadu on day 1 morning – it was Muthal thiruvanthathi and irandam thiruvanthathi in the goshti.    Here are some photos taken by me during the morning purappadu in pallakku.  

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan..
2nd May 2016.

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