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Friday, January 15, 2016

Sankranthi Urgola Uthsavam 2016 - Sri Andal Parthasarathi purappadu

Today 15th Jan 2016  is a day of celebration ~ ‘Pongal” – the harvest festival celebrated as ‘Makara Sankranthi’ in many parts of India. Now it is the month of ‘Thai’  ~ and here is sweet verses of Sri Goda piratti Andal.

தையொரு திங்களும் தரைவிளக்கித் தண்மண்டலமிட்டு மாசிமுன்னாள்
ஐயநுண் மணற்கொண்டு தெருவணிந்து அழகினுக் கலங்கரித் தனங்கதேவா
உய்யவு மாங்கொலோவென்றுசொல்லி உன்னையும் உம்பியையும் தொழுதேன்
வெய்யதோர் தழலுமிழ் சக்கரக்கை வேங்கடவற்கென்னை விதிக்கிற்றியே.

The month of Margazhi was all about Thiruppavai and nonbu.  Andal’s other work is ‘Nachiyar Thirumozhi’ -  Nachiyar is Devi; consort of Sriman Narayana.  Thirumozhi is sacred saying.  Andal has presented  garland of flowers and garland of poetry to Lord.  Now in the month of Thai, Andal sweeps the place, beautifies it, bedecks the place, worships for her union with the radiant Lord of Thirumala hills. 

Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rasi (Capricorn) on its celestial path. From today, it is the month of ‘Thai’ – which commences ‘Uttarayāyaa, a term derived from two different Sanskrit words "Uttara" (North) and "ayana" (movement) thus indicating a semantic of the northward movement of the Sun on the celestial sphere.

On ‘Bhogi’ ~ the day before the Pongal, it was the divine wedding of  Sri Andal with the Perumal she idolized and sang in Her prabandhams.  Andal Thirukkalyanam follows the Pavai nonbu and the 9 days of Neeratta Uthsavam.  After the grand vivaham, today it was Sankranthi Oorgola Uthsavam.

Today’s purappadu of newly wed Divya Thampathis - Sri Andal and Sri Parthasarathi grandly occurred  in a special open palanquin [one that had no roof known as kooralam].  Sri Parthasarathi, was embellished with many dazzling ornaments adorning the Crown [Sigathadai]; Sri Andal in a beautiful sitting posture sat opposite to Him in the pallakku. 

Here are some photos taken during the Sankranthi Urgola Uthsavam.

Adiyen ~ Srinivasa dhasan.

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