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Monday, June 22, 2015

Thiruvallur Sri Veera Raghava Perumal ** எவ்வுள் கிடந்தான் **

"இண்டை கொண்டு தொண்டரேத்த எவ்வுள் கிடந்தானை'  [பக்தர்கள், புஷ்ப மாலைகளை ஏந்திக் கொண்டு துதிக்கும்படியாக சயனித்தருள்பவனான பெருமான்] என திருமங்கைமன்னன் மங்களாசாசனம் பண்ணப்பட்ட பெருமாள் திருக்கோவில் திருஎவ்வுள் எனும் திருவள்ளூர் . 

Not far away from Thiruvallikkeni [Chennai] is the Divyadesam popularly known as Thiruvallur [a District by itself] – known as ‘Thiru Evvul’.  It is approx 45 km away from Chennai en route to holy Thirumala Tirupathi.  One can pass through Poovirunthavalli, take right to Thirumazhisai and travel along to this Divyadesam.   It is a puranic temple of epigraphical importance.

Lord here is ‘Sri Veera Raghavar’ -  in reclining posture,  with Brahma coming out from his navel in a meditating posture.   Perumal’s right hand extends to bless the Maharishi and  all His devotees.   In the Sthalapurana, sage Margandeya gives a detailed account the dialogue between the sage Salihothra and Devabakhruk in the age of krithiyuga -  Lord so pleased with the tapas of the sage revealing His Swarupa to the sage  Salihothra here.

The pushkarini here  is ‘Hrithapanacini.  ‘Hrith’ means heart, ‘thapa’ means desires or sins and ‘nacini’ means that which removes.  The holy water of the Temple tank would remove all desires and sins from the heart.  It is believed that people would be ridden of their diseases by a dip in the tank and by mixing jaggery in the tank.  Sri Veeraraghavar is also known as Vaidya Veera Raghava Swami postulating the mystic power to absolve us of our sins and diseases.  The Uthsavar is Sri Veera Raghavar and His consort is Kanakavalli Thayar @ Vasumathi Thayar.

Recently,  on 5th June 2015, on  Vaikasi Pooradam day, Maha Samprokshanam- was performed here grandly and the Temple is now shining more, with more devotees coming to have His blessings.  Had the fortune of worshipping at Thiruvallur this morning and here are some photos of the Temple.  The credit for  photo of Uthsavar Sri Veeraraghavar below  is my friend PL Ranganathan.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

21st June 2015.

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