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Monday, January 19, 2015

Thirukachi Arulalan Seevaram Parvettai 2015

Thirukachi Arulalan Seevaram Parvettai 2015

One may wonder seeing so many people descending the hill  literally with Perumal ~ there are purappadus where the Processional deity travels quite some distance blessing people on the way.   Kanchipuram has been the repository of many magnificent temples. There are several big temples and for Vaishnavaites “Perumal Kovil” would only mean the temple of Lord Devarajar –  Sri Varadharaja Perumal.

Pazhaiya Seevaram is a small village located about 20 kms from Kanchipuram on the road going towards Chengalpattu. While going from Chengalpattu, one can reach Pazhaya Seevaram 5 kms before Walajabad. At Pazhaiya Seevaram on the banks of Palar  river, there is this ancient temple for Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar, located picturesquely. 
 river Palar and temple as seen from the river

This temple is located on a small hill on the banks of the river Palar. It is said that 3 rivers namely, Palar (Ksheera Nadhi), Cheyyar (Bahu Nadhi) and Vegavathi (Saraswathi) merge here to become one and it is called Triveni Sangamam.  This place is considered sacred.   The hill on which the temple is located is called Padmagiri. There is a motorable road to ascend the hill. The temple is not located on the hill top ~ it is on the midway.

The significance is the annual trip of Kachi Varadar], famously known as ‘Seevaram Paarvettai’, which taken place during Pongal.  Lord Varadarajan leaves Kanchipuram on the evening of the Pongal day, after traversing many villages and blessing devotees, reaches Pazhaya Seevaram Lakshmi Narasimha koil – Perumal has Thirumanjanam here. Here are some photos of the grand event (courtesy Sri VN Kesava Bashyam Swami)

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

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