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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sri Vaikundavasa Perumal Temple ~ Koyambedu

राजा दशरथो नाम धर्मसेतुरिवाचलः ।
सत्यसन्धः परिज्ञातो यस्य पुत्रस्सराघवः ॥
ராஜா தஸரதோ நாம .. தர்மஸேதுரிவாசல: ।
ஸத்யஸந்த: பரிஜ்ஞாதோ.. யஸ்ய புத்ரஸ்ஸராகவ: ॥

Rāghava is the son of the famous King Daaratha,  a strong defender of Dharma and a man of his word.  [Credit :]

After conquering Lanka slaying Ravana, and after Rama Pattabishekam is born the twins Lava and Kuch in sage Valmiki’s ashram. Rama performed an Ashwameda Yaga in Ayodhya. The horse of the Ashwamedha Yaga came to the place where Lava Kucha brothers were living. Lava and Kucha caught the horse and bound it.

In early 1980s, there were not many buildings on the Poonamallee High Road, Arumbakkam Open Terminus would look a desolate place on the road with couple of drums having water for buses ~ not much traffic too.  One thought that it was the city outer.  Life has changed ! more so for Koyambeu, which is believed to be Kucha Lava Puri.

The modern day Koyambedu is a major hub of activity in Chennai City after the inauguration of the Koyambedu market for fruits and vegetables.  After the market getting shifted from local Kothawalchavadi, was established Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex (KWMC), in 1996; a couple of years back, construction of an exclusive foodgrains market, the first such facility in the state, began.  Then there is the CMBT the mofussil bus terminus from where hundreds of State transport and private buses operate.  Another added facility is the recent – Metro Rail station.

Kuchalalavapuram to Koyambedu – also believed that the names of this place in ancient days were as Kosai Nagar, Koyattipuram and Prayachithapuram. Kulothunga Chozha is said to have ruled in the 12th Century and hence it is said that the temples of Lord Kurungaleeswarar and Sri Vaikundavasa Perumal were constructed during his period.
Today had darshan at the century old Sri Vaikundavasa Perumal temple at Koyambedu.  The moolavar here Vaikunda Nathar is in standing posture [in most places it would be in sitting posture] as appeared to Sage Valmiki.  The Uthsavar is the beautiful Bakthavatsalar almost like our Thelliya Singar of Thiruvallikkeni with ‘abaya aahvana hasthams’.  Thayar is Kanakavalli thayar.  In the main sannathi, there is vigraham of Sri Vaikanasar also.

Then there is the most beautiful Sri Rama with Sita devi. In every other sthalam, where we have darshan of Sri Rama, He will be with Sita,  Lakshmana,  and Aanjaneya.  There are other places where Baratha, Satrugna are also there; in some in Pattabisheka thirukolam.  Here uniquely it is only Lord Rama and Sita devi, in the most beautiful form.

Here are some photos of the Temple and of Lord Sri Rama and Sita devi.

adiyen Srinivasadhasan

20th Aug 2017.

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