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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thiruvallikkeni Sri Ramar punarvasu purappadu 2014

Sri Ramayanam is the most sacred Ithihasam – the  lifestory of Lord Sri Rama, the Great Parampurusha is  mentioned in Vedas and his ‘aayana’ – His Journey is “Ramayana”. Popularly, Sri Rama is known to have ascended to this Earth in the Tretha Yug –  which is beautifully and factually narrated by Sri Valmiki ~  in the greatest Ithihasa puranam, Rama is the valorous prince, perfect in virtue, but nothing more than a simple mortal man.  Very early in the life of Sri Rama, the fame of Rama attracted  sage Vishvamitra who prayed Dasharatha to send Rama with him to guard his sacrificial fire from pollution by the evil Rakshasas.

Sri Kulasekara Azhwar was so attracted to Sri Ramayana and has given literary expression in his devotional verses to the pronouncement that Rama is the Supreme Narayana Himself in human form. Here is how he describes the birth of Rama

அங்கணெடு மதிள்புடைசூழ்  அயோத்தியென்னும் அணிநகரத்துலகனைத்தும் விளக்கும் சோதி; வெங்கதிரோன் குலத்துக்கோர் விளக்காய்த் தோன்றி விண்முழுதும் உய்யக் கொண்ட வீரன்றன்னை* செங்கணெடுங் கருமுகிலை……

The place Ayodhya was a great fortified city with lofty walls which was shining a beacon to the all other places of the World, here in the Solar lineage, the Man capable of winning everything under the sky akin to the dark rain bearing clouds the Lord nonpareil was born.

Today,1st June is ‘Punarvasu’ nakshathiram, that of Lord Rama and at Thiruvallikkeni, Sri Ramar had purappadu.  Here are some photos taken during the purappadu..  after the purappadu, in Perumal’s asthanam – with Kulasekarar, Mudaliandan and Embar seated, there was rendering of Perumal thirumozhi

Azhwar Emperumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan. 

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