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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thiruvallikkeni Sri Ranganathar Revathi purappadu

In Thiruvallikkeni, festivities in the temple continues with one out-vying the other …….and there are purappadus on most days. In the sacred  Thiruvallikkeni, the Emperuman is in five roopams – Lord Parthasarathi (Lord Venkata Krishnar is the Moolavar); Lord Azhagiya Singar (Yoga Narasimhar as Moolavar); Lord Rama, Lord Ranganatha and Lord Varadharaja.  After the grand Theppothsavam [float festival]; Thavana Uthsavam;  Sri Rama Navami;  Pallava Uthsavam; most grand Chithirai l Brahmothsavam of Sri Parthasarathi; Udayavar Uthsavam; Sri Varadhar uthsavam – there are panchaparva purappadus and Thirunakshathira purappadus.   Today on 25th May 2014, it was Revathi and Sri Mannathar (Sri Ranganathar) had siriya mada veethi purappadu. 

The great saint by name Vipra Narayanar, born at Thirumandankudi also known as Bhaktanghri renu later came to be hailed as  ‘Thondaradippodi Alvar’ due to his devotion to the devotees of Lord. Thondaradipodi rendered 55 verses in praise of Lord Ranganatha - 10 verses of Thirupalli Yezhuchi and 45 verses of Thiru Maalai.  Thirupalliyezhuchi is recited in every temple to wake up the Lord and rendered during kalasanthi in the morning.  

In Thirumaalai, Azhwar  hails the following :

நமனும் முற்கலனும் பேச  நரகில் நின்றார்கள் கேட்க*
நரகமே சுவர்க்கம் ஆகும்  நாமங்களுடைய நம்பி*
அவனதூர்  அரங்கம் என்னாது அயர்த்துவீழ்ந்து அளிய மாந்தர்*
கவலையுள் படுகின்றார்  என்று  அதனுக்கே கவல்கின்றேனே.

The inmates of hell overhear the words extolling the Lord  exchanged by Yama and Mudgalar ~ that chance hearing was so powerful to convert hell in to heaven ~ that Great Lord resides in Thiruvarangam ... the Azhwar feels bad and deeply worries for those mortals who even when otherwise learned, fail and falter to make the cardinal mistake of not realising Thiruvarangam and its  Periya Perumal – Thiruvaranga Chelvan Sri Ranganathan.  For all of us, here is a chance to have darshan of our Sri Ranganathar at Thiruvallikkeni during purappadu.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan. 

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