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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thiruvallikkeni Udayavar Uthsavam - day 6 Evening purappadu

6th day of Udayavar Uthsavam 

Today 30th April 2014 is the 6th day of Emperumanaar Uthsavam.  Have posted in great detail of the Kuthirai vahanam ~ Vellai Sarruppadi.   In the evening Sri Udayavar had purappadu in ‘Tholukku Iniyaan’ (a superb Tamil phrase which literally translates to mean ‘that which is pleasant for the shoulders of bearers’)  It was Thirumozhi pasuram starting with ‘Thiruneermalai pasurams’ in the goshti. 

There were so many beautiful garlands ~ adding to the beauty was the floral crown .... none attractive as it was the face of Sri Ramanujar oozing serene calmness and kindness to all of us – the follower of the Great Acharyar. When we think of Sri Ramanujar, this verse describes aptly the kind disposition of Swami.
காரேய்  கருணை இராமானுசா - இக்கடலிடத்தில்
ஆரே அறிபவர் நின்னருளின் தன்மை * அல்லலுக்கு
நேரே உறைவிடம் நான் வந்து நீ என்னை உற்றபின்* உன்
சீரே உயிர்க்குயிராய் அடியேற்கு இன்று தித்திக்குமே *

It likens Swami Emperumanaar to that of the rain bearing clouds which benevolently blesses this World; the people of the earth dwell with lots of discomforts – such souls, are taken care of on his own by Sri Ramanujar and thereafter – only his divine qualities are thought of – nothing else and that would be cherished forever by those souls benefitted by his kindness. 

This is from ‘Iramanuja Noorranthathi’ ~ a thousand years ago, lived in Thiruvarangam, a learned priest by name Periyakovil Nambi.  Pleased by his sweet words, Udayavar called him ‘Amudhan’ (the sweet person) and he came to be known thereafter as ‘Thiruvarangathu Amuthanaar’ ..... inside the Chakkarathazhwaar sannathi in Thiruvarangam Periya Kovil, there is the sannathi for Thiruvarangathu Amuthanar. The Ramanuja Noorranthathi is made of 108 verses and in each verse, he ensures address as ‘Ramanuja’

Here are some photos taken during the evening purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni today

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan [S. Sampathkumar]

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