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Friday, September 23, 2016

ஸ்ரீ ராமானுஜோ விஜயதே : visit of HH Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami 2016

**   ஸ்ரீ ராமானுஜோ விஜயதே யதிராஜ ராஜ:  **
“Sree Ramanujo Vijayathe – Yathiraja Rajaha

– the concluding lines of ‘Thadi (dhaTee) Panchakam’ – rendered by Swami Mudaliandan, which speaks of the  victory of Swami Ramanuja over other philosophies  and his establishing the Visishtadvaita philosophy that was built by Azhwars and Purvacharyas.  In those golden days when Swami Emperumanar walked on the streets of Thiruvarangam and other Divyadesams – tens of thousands of his disciples and hundreds of Jeeyars followed him hailing “Ramanujo Vijayathe – Yathiraja Rajaha”

It was divine – ordained by Namperumal that Acharyar Ramanujar had to be away from Thiruvarangam for a while, do digvijayam to all parts of the country upto Kashmir and purify the places.  .. .. on this sojourn our great Acharyar came to Melukore,   retrieved Thirunarayanan who was worshipped by Sri Ramar and Sri Krishna during Tretha and Dwapara yugas.

I had recently posted about the renovation of Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt at Triplicane – though people know more of it as a Kalyana mantap, it in fact is the branch of Mutt associated with Udayavar.  It was Emperumanar who started the mutt following the commandments of his Gurus, chiefly Sri Yamunacharyar.  The mutt has flourished branching out to many places including Chennai and Bangalore. 

The present pontiff is His Holiness Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar who assumed the role in Nov 2014.   He was preceded by  Srimath Yatiraja Sampath Kumara Jeeyar Jeeyangar Swami who was the Mutt’s head till April 2005.  The varthamana peetathipathi is a great scholar, a noble person who is a synonym of selflessness and service to the society ~ a real reformer in the very mould of our Acharyar Emperumanaar.   The mutt that has the honour of Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja Himself as the found madathipathi is preserving and propagating the tenets of Sree Vaishnavism and Vishistadvaita. 

HH Shri Yadugiri Yathiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar swamin has been travelling and visiting many places, making everyone realise and understand the great tenets profounded by Sri Ramanujacharya.  Yet it was a great ordeal, as in the present tense circumstances, he had to travel in car all the way from Mysuru, changing vehicle enroute.    It is only the fortune of Thiruvallikkeni that Jeeyar swamin was at Thiruvallikkeni on  18th Sept 2016 for the nuthana samprokshanam of Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt at East Tank Sq street, Triplicane. 
Thiruvaradhana perumal of Jeeyar

Blessed are the people to fall at his feet, hear his great speech on the tenets of Swami Ramanuja.  Here are some photos taken by me.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

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