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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sri Thelliya Singar thavana Uthsavam day 3 purappadu

Thelliya Singar Thavana Uthsavam concluded on 22nd Mar 2014.  There are 3 bungalows (meaning palatial buildings) – Vasantha Uthsava Bungalow is no longer there; Komutti bungalow in Peyalwar koil street is ‘an agraharam’ – this Thavana Uthsava bungalow is at Thulainga Perumal Kovil Street.  It derives its name from the Thavana Uthsavam.  With the onset of summer, Perumal takes rest under the roof made of dhavanam  (Tamil: தவனம்) [Artemisia pallens] – an aromatic herb in genus of small herbs or shrubs, xerophytic in nature.  

This herb pervades great aroma and provides coolness.  In the recent years a kooralam [roof] made of Dhavanam is set up over the resting place of the Lord.

This Bungalow as I could recall from my younger days, had a big well with steps inside,  trees of rose Nerium Oleander [Arali] and a differently looking structure having two ‘goris’ [minars] ~ one can reach the top of the minars through the steps provided one is not afraid of bats.  Enthusiastic residents would draw water from the well, sprinkle on the sands that surround the raised structure, colourful kolams will be drawn adding to the religious atmosphere. Its raised decks provided great place for the residents to rest and sleep too.  Over the years its condition dilapidated ~ since has been reconstructed and the Uthsavam is held in a grand manner these days. 

One of the goris [minars] is missing – the other one still stands – have not seen a similar structure in the vicinity other than Venkateswara Hostel…. Perhaps the old lighthouse at Madras High Court premises has somewhat similar appearance.

On day 2 – Sri Thelliya Singar had excellent sarruppadi at Murali Kannan – wielding the flute in a standing posture – today (22nd Mar 2014)  it was similar Venugopalan having a flute but in a sitting posture. A real treat to watch – here is some captured for our darshan

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan

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