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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Num Acharyar Sri Manavala Mamunigal Sarrumurai - 2013

அழகு திகழ்ந்திடும் ஐப்பசியில் 'திருமூலம்' இன்று.
நமது ஆச்சார்யர் ஸ்ரீ மணவாள மாமுனிகள் சாற்றுமுறை.

Chennai in  November &  Manavala Mamunigal Uthsavam – generally there would be rains…. ‘aippasi – adai mazhai’ is an old adage.   This  year 2013  during this month and during the 10 day Uthsavam – not much of rain at all….. still this morning in front of Vahana mandapam at Thiruvallikkeni Sri Parthasarathi Swami temple,  batch of Srivaishnava youth were active – opening and preparing sets of umbrellas – there were so many of them - nay not the black one that humans use when it rains– but spotless white parasols ~ 10 setsm – the divine kodais 20 in no.  - some huge – ranging from 14 to 18 jon kudais - and alongwith that hundreds of Thennacharya Srivaishnavaites, many of them sporting the traditional ‘Urthva Pundram – the Pannirandu Thiruman”

No need to ponder or wonder what it was -  for today, 7th Nov 2013  is a  great day for all Sri Vaishnavaites. The annual Utsavam of our Greatest Acharyar which was celebrated for the past 10 days, concludes today,  being ‘Thirumoola Nakshathiram’ in the month of Aippasi – the birth star of Swami Manavala Mamunigal.  The small write-up below will make you understand the significance of today and the greatness of Sri Manavala Mamunigal, the most reverred matchless Acharyar of our Srivaishnavaite philosophy, practiced by Thennacharya Srivaishnavas. 

Mamunigal is known as ‘Yathindra Pravanar’ arising out of his irresistible attachment to the lotus feet of Sri Ramanujar known as ‘Yatheendrar’.  Sri  Manavala Mamunigal is the incarnation of Adisesha.  He was born in Alwar Thirunagari, Tamilnadu in AD 1370.  At birth he was known as ‘Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanaar’.  Later he was hailed in very many names such as ‘Yatheendra Pravanar’, Ramyajamathru, Saumyajamatru, Visada-Vak-Sikhamani , Varayogi, Varavaramuni and more…..

His parents were   Thigazhakidanthan Thirunaveerudayapiran Thatharannan,  a disciple of Sri Pillailokacarya, and Sriranga nacciyar..  He became a sishya of Tiruvaimozhip pillai. Manavala mamuni's devotion to Nammalvar, Ramanuja and to his own Acharya grew as he studied the Alwar's hymns and rahasyas at Alvar Thirunagari.  He lived for 73 years on this earth performing many Kainkaryams  at Sri Rangam and undertook many pilgrimages to many  Sri Vaishnava Divyadesams spreading knowledge and bakthi culture.   His patent style was to elucidate the pramanams fully   ‘following the words of the Purvarcharyas without deviating a wee bit’.   He filled  his vyakhyana granthas with the words of purvAcharyas.  As followers of Mamunigals, duty thus is cast on us to understand the significance of preserving, maintaining, supporting and following the rituals and customs associated with all our traditional Temples. 

For a Srivaishnavaite, Kainkaryam is essential; Selfless and unconditional “kainkaryam i.e., service to Lord” cleanses the soul of the performer. One must adore and be attached to their Acharyan and only the direction of Acharyar will lift us from all earthly evils – and for Us fallen at the feet called ‘Ponnadiyam Sengamalam’ – Swami Manavala Mamunigal will direct us and take us to salvation.  Those of us who try and uphold the ideals of our religion and its cultural heritage, will sure be benfitted as it then becomes the responsibility of Acharya to take care of Sishya's Atma guna poorthi. 

Of the many works, ‘Upadesa Rathinamalai’ is one which all of us should know and recite regularly.  There are 73 paasurams + thanian given  by Kovil Kandadai annan and another one rendered by Erumbiappa.   In the introductory remarks, Swami Maamunigal declares that he is performing upadesam for the future generations in strict accordance with the upadesam that he himself received from his Achaaryan, Thiruvaaimozhip piLLai and his AchArya paramparai.In the second paasuram , He says that the learned ones of discriminating intellect will study Upadesa Rathina Malai and instruct other devotees of the Lord on it with joy.  Upadesa Rathina Malai is a legendary work which provide complete details of month of the birth of Azhwars, the constellation in ascendance at the time of birth , the avathAra sthalams and the unique glories of each of them. 

Here are photos taken during the morning purappadu of Sri Manavala Mamunigal with Sri Parthasarathi Perumal.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan

7th Nov 2013

Swami Manavala amunigal

 ~ the grand parade of Thirukudaigal

 Sri Parthasarathi Perumal

Thiruvallikkeni Divyaprabandha goshti and Veda Parayana goshti 


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