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Monday, May 6, 2019

Sri Udayavar Uthsavam day 7 ~ morning pallakku 2019

Triplicane is happy so also are vaishnavaites everywhere ~ the thiruvavathara uthsavam of Swami Emperumanar is now on and today 6.5.2019 is day 7.  In the morning there was purappadu of Sri Ramanujar in pallakku.

BhagwadRamanuja with his aesthetic beautiful interpretations occupies the central place.  Sri Ramanujar hailed as Udayavar, Emperumanar, Bashyakarar, Ilayazhwaar amongst other names was born in the year 1017 at Sri Perumpudur on ‘Thiruvathirai’ thirunakshathiram in the month of Chithirai.  The greatest reformer Sri  Ramanuja gave us many vedantic treatises:  Sri Bashyam, Vedartasangraha, Vedanta deepa, Vedanta sara, the three Gadyams and more. Blessed are the people, who regularly recite the 108 songs rendered by his disciple ThiruvarangathuAmuthanar known as “Ramanuja Noorranthathi”.   Ramanuja’s peregrinations earned him thousands of followers, wherever he set foot, and Sri Vaishnavism continued to thrive in these places, even  afterRamanuja’s departure from this world.

Truly following our Acarya, We all take pride calling ourselves as Sri vaishnavas and more as RamanujaDasan / Dasi.   Our Acarya was a true teacher who propounded the concept of  saranagathi at a sublime level while eradicating the social evils.  Universal salvation was the goal of the saviour.  Deeply understanding the evils of the society, Udayavar focussed on equanimity and social outlook in his treatises.  He codified the customs and guided us by managing the temple at Thiruvarangam, as also many other temples including MelukoteThirunarayanapuram. 

The theory of causation has profoundly exercised the minds of all philosphers – the vedantins, like the sankhyas maintain the oneness of cause and effect in essence, as opposed to the logicians who maintain that they are different.  Badarayana maintains that ‘Brahman’ is not merely the instrumental cause, but also the material cause of the Universe.  Visishtadwaita that our Emperumanar gave us is so called because it inculcates the advaita, or oneness of God, with Visesha or attributes.  It is there ‘qualified non-dualism’ – God alone exists; all else that is seen is His manifestation, attribute, or Sakthi. 

We feel happy and matchless in being the followers of Bhagwat Ramanuja – and here are some photos taken during morning purappadu

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
6th May 2019

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