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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Geethacharyan issue no. 482 features my article !! Happy !!!

482 ~ the number is magical to me !!

Section 482 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973  :  reads  :   Saving of inherent powers of High Court. Nothing in this Code shall be deemed to limit or affect the inherent powers of the High Court to make such orders as may be necessary to give effect to any order under this Code, or to prevent abuse of the process of any Court or otherwise to secure the ends of justice.

To me this magical no. 482 ‘denoting the no. of issues’ of divine magazine Geethacharyan is all significant – making me feel very happy.

You are looking at  cover page of  Nov 2018    issue of Geethacharyan that has Sri Thiruppanazhwar at Uraiyur avatharasthalam.   Geethacharyan is a prominent sampradhaya magazine [Sri Vaishnava Sampradhaya book] started in the year 1978 and continuing in its own way for more than four decades now. It is one of the oldest magazines of its genre; this issue is issue no. 482   Dr M.A. Venkatakrishnan Swami (Popularly MAV) is its editor.  

Geethacharyan has flourished over 4 decades ~ it is actually for people like us to have a resolve to buy sampradha magazines and support those who put enormous efforts in publishing them.  .    It enters its 41st year now !!

MAV is a tremendous personality - in the lineage of   Mandayam Ananthanpillai family,  a descendant of Anandalwan,     a disciple of Sri Ramanuja.  Having happily retired as Professor and Head of Department of Vaishnavism, University of Madras, having shaped many students inculcating the finer aspects of bakthi and Srivaishnavism, this 64 year old youth  has printed several unpublished palm-leaf manuscripts for the first time.   Pranams to my Guru who initiated us in to divine way.  Wishing Geethacharyan magazine Golden jubilee and centenary .. ..

~ am feeling doubly elated as my article on Geethacharyan entering its 41st year finds a place in the exalted magazine.

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan (Mamandur Srinivasan Sampathkumar)

1st Dec 2018.

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