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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Thavanothsavam day 5 - Sri Parthasarathi (Ulpurappadu) 2016

I recently posted on the "stylistic hybrid"  architecture, the minar at Triplicane Thulasinga Perumal Kovil Street.   It was all about Thavana Uthsava bungalow – its minars style of architecture – the way people celebrated the annual Thavana Uthsavam and so on. 

During this Thavanothsavam, Perumal takes rest under the roof made of thavanam – an aromatic herb.   Dhavanam (Tamil: தவனம்) [Artemisia pallens], is an aromatic herb, in genus of small herbs or shrubs, xerophytic in nature.  This herb pervades great aroma and provides coolness.   During the Uthsavam, a kooralam [roof] made of  Dhavanam  is set up over the resting place of the Lord.

19th Mar 2016 is the 5th and concluding day of Sri Parthasarathi thavanothsavam.  Morning there was purappadu of Perumal to this place, followed by Thirumanjanam, evening there was purappadu inside the bungalow – more of Perumal enjoying the pleasant cool breeze and then there was Periya mada veethi purappadu.

Here are some photos Perumal purappadu inside the Thavana Uthsava bungalow.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

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