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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

91st Thirunakshathiram Celebrations of H.H. Sri Perumpudur Appan Parakala Ramanuja Embar Jeeyar Swami.

25th Feb 2015 [Masi Krithigai] is a day of importance !

For Srivaishnavaites – divyadesams assume great significance as these are the places where our Great Azhwars visited and sung about the Lord. Equally important are the places associated with Azhwagal and Acharyargal….. around 50 kms away from the city of Chennai on the Bangalore Highway lies Sriperumpudur, the birthplace of Sri Ramanujar - after Sriperumpudur comes Sunkuvar Chathiram  - here one has to branch off  right and travel around 5-6 kms… to reach Madhuramangalam, the birth place of Embar.

Sri Ramanujar has the pride of place in the list of our Acharyars; he is hailed as Udayavar, Emperumanar, Bashyakarar, Ilayazhwaar, Yathirajar, Thiruppavai Jeeyar, Num Kovil annan,  amongst other names.   Our darsana Sthapakar, Sri Ramanujar rightly reverred as ‘Yathi Rajar’ ~ the king among yathis [hermits and sages, the greatest reformer he was, Ramanuja gave us many vedantic treatises - toured the entire Country, making the Srivaishnavatie tradition flourish in all his path.  Of those who remained closest to Sri Ramanuja – Sri  Mudaliandan, Sri Koorathazhwan, Sri Embar,  Sri Ananthazhwan, Arulalaperumal Emperumanar, Kidambi Achaan, Thirukurugai Piraan Pillan, Thiruvarangathu Amuthanar and more. 

25th Feb 2015 happens to be the day of 91st Thirunakshathiram of His Holiness Sri Perumpudur Appan Parakala Ramanuja Embar Jeeyar Swami.  The 1st peedapathi of this Embar Mutt was Sri Krishnan Swami who travelled wide and finally established a Mutt at Sriperumpudur known as Sri Perumpudur Embar Jeeyar Mutt.  The mutt was founded by him in 1834 CE.

The Varthamana Jeeyar is HH Srimath Paramahamsethyadhi  Appan ParakAla EmbAr Jeeyar swamy. This swamy was popularly known as Kumaravadi Ramanujachariar in his purvasraman [i.e., before accepting sanyasam].  Swami is a renowned scholar, known for his exceptional clarity and style of writing and deliverance of kalakshepams. Swami was fondly known as ‘Che Ra’ – was with Dinamani and ran Srivaishnava Sampradhaya magazine “Thirumal” – wrote many books too.   On 25th a Committee consisting of Sri Vaishnava Scholars have arranged for programmes comprising Dhivyaprabandha sevakalam, Vedha Parayanam; meeting; mangalasasanam by many Jeeyars and book release. 

Sri Embar Jeeyar Swami is very active and visits many divyadesams with exceptional regularity.  He has presided over many vidwat sadas and has been propagating Srivaishnavaite doctrines.  Swami was present  on 22nd Feb 2015 at the  961st  Birth day celebrations of Thirumalai Ananthai Pillai at holy Thirumala  alongside  His Holiness Thirumalai Periya Kelviappan Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Periya Jeeyar Swami,  His Holiness Thirumalai Ilaiya Kelviappan Sri Govinda Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar  Swami,   His Holiness Melkote Yadugiri Yathiraja Jeeyar Swami, Thirukovalur Jeeyar Swami  and many other adhyapakas from various divyadesams.

I fall at the feet of these great Yathis who guide us towards eternal Sriman Narayana with the blessings of our Acharyas. 

Sometime back in Sept. 2010, recall that the two Yathis – Sree Govinda Yathiraja Jeeyar Swami and  Sreemath Paramahamsa Appan Parakala Ramanuja Embaar Jeeyar Swami were present at our native village Mamandur [Dusi Mamandur approx 9 kms away from Kanchi after river Palaru].  Here is a photo of Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal during  the Samprokshanam and Jeeyars attending the same.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

Here are photos of the Jeeyar Swami taken on various occasions ….

PS:  Acknowledge with  thanks the inputs taken from  Sri Thotathri Sarathi 

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