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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sri Azhagiya Singar Pushpa Pallakku 2014

மல்லிகைகமழ் தென்றலீருமாலோ வண்குறிஞ்சியிசை  தவருமாலோ
செல்கதிர் மாலையும் மயக்குமாலோ செக்கர்நன்மேகங்கள் சிதைக்குமாலோ

Swami Nammalwar says …. ‘the most pleasant fragrance of jasmine –wafting breeze,  ears receiving the pleasing kurinji music; Sun setting with beautiful red colours in the horizon – all attracting -  but more attracting was the pleasing sight of the fragrant palanquin made of flowers – for they were set for the most beautiful ‘Sri Azhagiya Singar’.

Today, 18th July 2014 is Pushpa Pallakkuu -  after 10 days of  Brahmothsavam, it  was rest called ‘Vidayarri’ for Sri Thelliya Singar and after 3 days of rest comes the florally bedecked ‘Pushpa Pallakku – the palanquin with flowers’ .  

Favourite memories are triggered by our sense of smell ~ flowers are admired for their beauty,  exquisite shapes, spectrum of colours and more so for their fragrance. In our tradition, the decorative wreath of flowers woven together as garlands adorn God.  Flowers have their pride of place and are mentioned in our epics – in Divyaprabandham too.  In our mythology, Parijatha flower was brought to earth by Lord Krishna himself.  Legend has it that Sriman Narayana’s heavenly throne is under a flowering Parijatha tree.   The pallakku was fragrant pervading goodness all around – a great treat to the eyes, ears and senses  of Bakthas. At Triplicane [Thiruvalikkeni divyadesam] Sri  Azhagiya Singar   had purappadu in Pushpa pallakku.    Here are some photos taken during the purappadu

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan. 

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