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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Irapathu day 4 - Sankranthi Oorgola Uthsavam ~ Hanumath Jayanthi - 2014

Today, (14th Jan 2014) is the 4th day of the ongoing Irapathu Uthsavam…. Today is Sankranthi and hence Sankranthi Urgola Uthsavam and today is Hanumath Jayanthi too…..

After Bhogi Thirukalyanam, Sri Andal and Sri Parthasarathi usually will have purappadu in a special open palanquin [one that had no roof known as kooralam] ~ today it was Perumal with Ubaya Nachimar in a Kedayam and Sri Andal by the side of Perumal.  There was Swami Nammalwar and Sri Baktha Aanjaneyar too… a glorious purappadu.  Today too,  Sri Parthasarathi adorned the Crown [Sigathadai]; Sri Andal was in a beautiful sitting posture.  It was a great occasion to have darshan of The Divine Couples [Divya Thampathi].  

Think about Hanuman…..

and what comes to mind is his unparalleled devotion for Lord Ram and unrivalled physical strength. Perhaps this is one reason why Hanuman is quite often associated with celibates, wrestlers and bodybuilders. Hanuman is also noted for his spirit of self service, which was rewarded by Lord Ram by stating that ‘whenever I am remembered, people will remember you too.’ Hanuman Jayanthi is observed during various time of year in different places. Some observe it in Chaitra month. In Thiruvallikkeni temple, it was celebrated yesterday.

In this sthalam, right in front of the Sri Ramar Sannathi, Sri Aanjaneya resides. Once in a year, there will be purappadu for this Utsavamurthy and yesterday Sri Parthasarathi Perumal, Sri Andal;  Sri Hanumar and Swami Nammalwar had purappadu. There is another Anjaneyar temple at East tank Square street too….

In Periyazhwar Thirumozhi, in the hymns celebrating the power of Govardhana Giri, Azhwar says  that in the Greatly reverred hill, female monkeys in singing lullabies to their kids, mention the heroic deeds of Hanuman, whose valour completely destroyed the city of demons – the  Lanka.**அடங்கச்சென்று இலங்கையையீடழித்த அனுமன் புகழ்பாடித் தம்குட்டன்களை* ……..

It is widely believed that Lord Hanuman is present wherever the story of Lord Ram is recited.  Let us prostrate  at the feet of  Jai Hanuman ~  here are some photos of the purappadu.

Here are some photos taken during today’s purappadu.
Adiyen Srinivasadhasan

14th Jan 2014.

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