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Saturday, September 7, 2013

108 feet tall Lord Aanjaneya - Hanuman mandir in Delhi near Jhandewalan

He is the epitome of virtues – known for his knowledge, steadfast faith on Lord, doing things even before ordained – Hanuman, Aanjaneyar, Maruthi is an incarnation of the divine, son of Vayu and most trusted aide of Lord Rama.  He is further known by names – Pavana putra, Anjaniputra, Bajrang Bali.  Hanuman is the God who is the embodiment of discipline, devotion to  His Master and one known for giving boons to all bakthas.

There are some marked difference in the way of worship between North and South. ~ Lord Hanuman is everywhere – on mountains, big temples, street corners and more …… and as you see a Hanuman anywhere, you sure stop to pay obeisance to Him.  This one I found in my Delhi trip was most interesting.  Long back, in a photo search for Delhi Metro, I saw a photo of Him, I did not think that I would get an opportunity to worship Him…… fortunately it did happen.

Karol Bagh, is a mixed residential-cum-commercial neighbourhood in Delhi, India, known for its shopping streets as also concentration of Tamilians and tamil hotels.  For long it was a constituency ~  Karol Bagh Lok Sabha constituency; from 2008 it is  part of another segment. Karol Bagh itself is part of Delhi Metro railway as also its neighbourhood station known as Jhandewalan ~ and one need to be nearer or travel by this…..

Nearer Jhandewalan Metro Station stands the tall majestic Hanuman – a statue which is 108 feet high overlooking the railway track.  It may not be the tallest but sure it is an iconic image. This is part of the temple under the aegis of ‘Sankat Mochan temple’, which reportedly is a century old, though this tall statue is of a decade +

The metro track runs so close to the temple.  If you are stand on the other side of the road, you can see the upper portion of Lord Hanuman and walking closer, you can have darshan of His feet too.  This Hanuman opens his heart, and inside one can see and have darshan of Lord Rama and Sita too……..  

There are some sannadhis inside the Temple.  Inside stands Lord Rama with Sita and Lakshman in beautiful exquisite white marble,  far different than the ones, we usually see in South Indian temples.

Here are some photos taken by me, during my Delhi trip in Aug 2012.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

See Lord Rama and Sita inside the heart of Hanuman

the most beautiful Sri Rama  Sita Lakshmana and Hanumar.


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