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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Child Prodigy - Upanyasakar - Sri Elayavalli Sadajith

What you see here is part of crowd that had gathered at a place in Thiruvallikkeni in the evening around 04.00 pm.  Can you imagine what it was all about ?

Thinking of Sriman Narayana and surrendering at the Lotus feet of Lord Narayana only will lead to us salvation. To be good in life, one should be connected with good things, think and do good things and for this association with good people is of utmost importance.

There are many abodes of Lord Maha Vishnu and among these those sung by Azhwars are reverentially known as ‘Divyadesams’.  Blessed are those who live in Divyadesams for those have the opportunity of having darshan of the beautiful Thirumenis of Divyadesa Emperumaans.  Blessed are those who go to temple regularly and do some kainkaryam to the God.  Blessed are those who continuously chant the name of Lord Govindha and hear those Divyaprabandhams of Azhwars and listen to the commentaries of Purva Acharyas through great Kalakshepa Athigaris. 

Thiruvallikkeni, Brunthaaranya Kshetram ~ the abode of Lord Parthasarathi, abounds with good things.  There is the most famous Great Temple ~ replete with people doing all sorts of kainkaryams.  There are Great Archagas who  devotedly in the service of God do great kainkaryam to the Perumal and do great sarrupadi to Perumal; there is the Veda Adhyapaka Goshti which without thinking of any recompense does ‘veda divyaprabandha goshti’ kainkaryam. There is the Thennacharya Sri Padham Thangigal who beautifully carry the Lord on their shoulders during the purappadu; there are so many bakthas who come to the temple regularly, there are so many of them – doing other kainkaryams including offering grand floral garlands and more. 

The Dhanur masam [month of Margazhi] is replete with kalakshepams ~ renditions of many great Athikaris, explaining in detail the works of Azhwargal and Purva Acharyas in nice, coherent, easily comprehensible manner. While listing those Kalakshepa Athikaris is not easy, there are so many in Triplicane that Triplicaniites have the pleasure of hearing to them so often.

This margazhi was no different… in the morning there was the kalakshepam by Dr U.Ve. M.A. Venkata Krishnan Swami at Sri Parthasarathi Swami temple; there was Sri U.Ve. Akkarakkani Srinidhi Swami at Sri Vanamamalai mutt and in between there was the kalakshepam of Sri Sadajith at Nampillai Sannathi at Peyalwar Kovil Street

People who have heard many Swamins, authorities on Thiruppavai kalakshepam too flocked to Nampillai sannathi to hear Sri Sadajith.  It was a nice articulation when heard from outside but sure one would be wonder-struck if they are to see the person rendering the kalakshepam.

Sri Sadajith @ Geethacharyan has a rich lineage; his father Sri Elayavalli Sriram Swami also performs kalakshepams; more famous is his grand father Sri U.Ve. Elayavalli Bhoovaragachariyar Swami. What sets Sadajith apart is ~ he is a real ‘child prodigy’ – he is only 7 years old. 

As you would understand, a child prodigy is one at a young age develops skills at a level far beyond the norm for their age.  The giftedness of prodigies is determined by the degree of their talent relative to their ages.  The term ‘wunderkind’ is also used to describe such prodigious talent. Child prodigies evoke awe, wonder and sometimes jealousy: how can such young children possess and display so much of talent that most adults will never master, even with years of dedicated practice.

For many parents, a child speaking few words itself is a wonder ~ but here is a child only 7 able to orate, words flowing unhindered ~ dispensing out so much of information that some of us may never get even in our entire lifehood.  The vishayagnanam and the flow with which they are rendered can hardly be described in words; can only be understood by those who heard Sri Elayavalli Sadajith perform at Nampillai Sannathi.  Nothing of a great wonder for many who attended there, for they have been hearing Sadajith for more than 3 years now.

Here are some photos of Sri Sadajith being honoured by Dr MAV Swami and another great legend Dr V.V. Ramanujam Swami

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
15th Jan 2013.


  1. Adiyen would like to add few facts about Sri U Ve Sadajith's geneology. Sri U Ve Elayavilli Sadagopachar, his great grand father, who came in adoption from the family Thirunarayanapuram Ananthazhwan into Elayavilli family at Alwar Thirunagari, was well versed in Sampradhaya granthas and has been rendering Kalakshepam at Sri Rangam and other places. His younger brother was Sir U Ve Sadhabhishegam Govindha Narasimhachar swamy. Therefore this fete runs in blood of Sri U VE Sadajith, whose mother Sow. Padmaja @ Sindhuja was herself listener of various kalakshepams at Thiruvallikeni even before she married Sri U Ve Sriram. Needs no mention that she has been listening to kalakshepams of Sri U Ve E S B swamy when Sri U Ve Sadajith was in her womb. Like Prahlada, Sri U Ve Sadajith has been put on right track from the womb itself (karuvile thiruvudayavan). His eloquence and delivery resemble in all respects his grand father Sri U Ve ESB swamy. Anega Mangalaasaasanangal.

    1. Really Valuable info shared by you & In fact i felt my hair raising on listening to the skill of this kid saying all the 30 Thiuppavai crux lines without breathing.Amazing.

    2. It was a chance for me to know about the young upanyasakar Shri Sadajith & skill gifted to him. May god bless him. request to post his address.

  2. Great to read about Sadajith and sure I am interested in hearing him in person - Mohanavalli

    1. thanks, sure you can hear him in person in the month of april,2013 when he will be at chennai. our contact number is 9443695147-satajit's mother padma sriram

  3. Poliga, Poliga, does this child study in school too _ Padmaja

    1. thanks.yes,he is studying III std,at Alwar thirunagari.- satajit's mother padma sriram

    2. Padmaji, am speechless and overwhelmed to see OUR KID. Pallandu, pallayirathandu

  4. Looks real wonder... long live this Child and Vaishnavam - Gopu

  5. He was at Nanganallur yesterday and the crowd listened with rapt attention - Vasukumar

  6. ஜாயமான கால கடாக்ஷம் - கருவிலே திருவோடு வளர்ந்தவர் நம் சடஜித் சுவாமி.

    சுவாமிக்கு பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு.

    தாசானு தாசன்

    இராமானுஜ சிஷ்யன்

  7. ஜாயமான கால கடாக்ஷம் - கருவிலே திருவோடு : what a description... poliga, poliga, poliga - Sadagopan

  8. Dear Swamin, sure the Child is a blessed One.. Long live and let him to great service to our sampradhayam. Adiyen Divyavarshini

  9. jai sriman narayna
    may the boy be legendary living example for the sampradayam


  10. Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, Excellent. Another Thiruavadharam

  11. Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha...Om Namo Narayanaya...
    Swamin - we are extremely fortunate for getting to hear Chi. Sadajith....Bhagavanoda kripaila he has a great future ahead of him and our best wishes always to him to scale greater heights....Namma sampradhayathin perumai swami Chi.Sadajith

    Vasanth Rajagopalan

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  13. thanks rangarajan for ur genelogy it proves the influnce of amother on the to be born child in thewom is the secret of all geniuses noble laureates and acheivers from the beggining of this worldwe are proud of this prodigy SriSdajith IN US Indian Americansand Amercans born there along with others have many prodigies whose backgrpund shows the influence of a dedicated mother annonymous