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Thursday, December 3, 2009

திருப்பாணாழ்வர் வைபவம் - Thiruvallikkeni Perumal Purappadu

திருமால் அடியார்களுக்கு : 

Yesterday – 2nd Dec was the Birth Thirunakshathiram of Thiruppaan Azhwar. An Ayonijar (one not born to mortal human beings), his period is given as 750 – 780 AD.  Considered to be an amsam - Sri Vatsa of Sriman Narayana, he was born at Kozhiyur or Nisulapuri (present day Uriayur) close on the banks of sacred Cauvery. PANars were known for their sweet voice and singing in praise of Bhagawan Sriman Narayanan. He used to come to the banks of Cauvery and close his eyes and sing with deep anubhavam about the kalyana gunams of the Lord every morning.

In the divine Naalayira Divya prabandham, his contribution is Amalanadhipiraan – ten in number. His prabhandham is different from the rest in a way that it does not contain any upadesams or anything else but only hymns in praise of Lord Ranganatha alone. Those well versed in sampradhaya state that these are aanandha-lahari (limitless outpourings of the bliss of aanandham) at the anubhavam of the Soundharyam of Arangar. Thirupaan azhwar. Here is his immortal verse:

His thirunakshathiram is Rohini in Karthigai month and is the next day after Karthigaiyil karthigai that of Thirumangai Azhwar. In thondai mandalam, the moolavar will be anointed with ennai kappu from the thiru karthigai day and there will not be purappadu after. Hence generally, there will not be sathrumurai purappadu for Thiru Paan azhwar. This year, Karthikai was celebrated yesterday and there was Purappadu of the Azhwar with Sri Parthasarathi perumal.

Here are some photos
Sri Parthar above and Chokkapanai below

thiruppanar abvoe

Let us sing in praise of the holy feet of Sri ThiruppaanaAzhwar, who entered (the holy shrine of Lord Ranganatha) riding on the shoulders of the sage (Lokasaranga-Mahamuni) saw(the Lord in full) and sung (in praise) HIM

Adiyen – Sampathkumar.


  1. what is this chokkapanai and what significance its lighting has - Kumari

  2. Miga azhagana padangaludun Panarai patri nandraka ullathu - Balaji