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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Golden Jubilee of Triplicane Sri Raghavendra Mutt

Hari Sarvothama :Vayu Jeevothama

~  the tharaka mantra for Madhwas - essence of  Dvaita saatra


அழைக்கிறான் மாதவன் ஆநிரை மேய்த்தவன்

மணிமுடியும் மயில் இறகும் எதிர் வரவும் துதி புரிந்தேன்

மாதவா கேசவா ஸ்ரீதரா ஓம்.. 

தேடினேன் தேவதேவா தாமரைப் பாதமே..

வாடினேன் வாசுதேவா வந்தது நேரமே..

ஞான வாசல் நாடினேன் வேத கானம் பாடினேன்

கால காலம் நானுனை தேடினேன் தேவதேவா தாமரைப் பாதமே..


காதில் நான் கேட்டது வேணு கானாம்ருதம்..

கண்ணில் நான் கண்டது கண்ணன் பிருந்தாவனம்..

மாயனே நேயனே மாசில்லாத தூயனே

ஆத்ம ஞானம் அடைந்த பின்னும்..

தேடினேன் தேவதேவா தாமரைப் பாதமே..


குருவே சரணம்! குருவே சரணம்

ராகவேந்திரா ஸ்ரீராகவேந்திரா

ராகவேந்திரா ஸ்ரீராகவேந்திரா

குருவே சரணம் குருவே சரணம்


Memories roll back to mid 1970s – I lived in 11 TP Koil Street and 3 buildings before – a new Mutt  sprung up – devotees had to remove their shirts when inside.  Once I left my shirt and forgot, recovered it after 3 days! – have seen many famous people thronging this Mutt, the foremost among them being the person who came on Thursdays in a Priya scooter, then in a Premier Padmini (was that 5004 !!) 

Today 1st July 2023 is a very special day for  Sri Raghavendra Mutt situate on Thulasinga Perumal Kovil Street (that has entrance of Sri Azhagiya Singar sannathi). Hinduism is unique and more than 1000 years ago, existed three Acharyars who profounded Vedanta philosophy.  For us, their philosophies are the founding principles.  There is the ‘Advaita philosophy’ of Sri Sankaracharya; the ‘Vishishtadvaita’ philosophy of Sri Ramanujacharya and the ‘Dvaita’ philosophy of Sri Madhvaacharya. 

There is fair sprinkling population of Madhwas in Triplicane – i.e., those who follow the ideals propagated by Sri Madhvacharya. Understand that the writings of Sri Madhvacharya comprises of thirty-seven works, collectively called Sarva-moola Grantha. As we have Guru parampara Acharyas in Sri Vaishnavism, the hierarchy in Madhvas starts with Sri Maha Vishnu himself, Pirattiyar Lakshmi Devi, and then has Brahma, Saraswati, Garuda, Anjaneya… heard from a friend that they have Karmaja Devatas which includes Sri Prahladarajar. Prahlada as we know is famed for his blemishless devotion to Sri Maha Vishnu, despite attempts by his father Hiranyakashipu, to turn him to the contrary. He is accorded special importance as being the reason for the Narasimha avatâr. The puranic instance of Sri Prahlada makes us understand that God is everywhere. 

Miles away, is the town of  Mantralayam in Kurnool district, lying  on the banks of the Tungabhadra river and is known for the holy Vrindavana of Sri Raghavendra Swami.  Sri Raghavendra Swami lived on this Universe  between 1595 – 1671.  His knowledge, the way of life and the numerous miracles performed have led him being  worshipped specially.   After Sri Prahlada and Sri Vyasaraya, Madhwas rever Sri Raghavendrar in holy esteem.    

Sri Venkata Natha as he was known, learnt and acquired mastery over Vedas, Sastra, puranas and was totally religiously inclined in service of God. Upon taking Sanyasa, he came to be known as ‘Raghavendra Swami’; on a very auspicious day, the saint  Sri Raghavendra Thirtha, entered the samadhi in the Brindavan, alive. The event was marked by great festivity. Understand that as ordered by the Swami, 700 saligrams  were kept in the Brindavanam and to-date are being worshipped alongside the image of Sri Anjaneya. 

Sri Raghavendra Swami is hailed as an avatara of Sri Prahladarajar,  and he chose his Brindavan at Mantralaya on the banks of the Tungabhadra.  Devotees worship him in form of  Brindavans installed in many places and one such is at Triplicane.  The holy mutt of  Sri Raghavendra Swamy  at Thiruvallikkeni has completed 50 years today and in the grand function organized by Mutt, His Excellency Honourable   Governor of TN Shri RN Ravi presided. 

Hari Sarvothama! Vayu Jeevothama!

Sri Moola Ramo Vijayathe .. 

Superstar  Rajnikant’s 100th  film was on Raghavendrar and the cut out used in the film was lying in this mutt for long.  The song at the start is from that movie rendered to the music of Isaignani Illayaraja. 

With reverence – S. Sampathkumar
1st July 2023.


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