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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Thiruvallikkeni Thirukkudaigal karikkolam 2023

At Thiruvallikkeni there was this purappadu around 430 in the evening of 7.1.2023 with thiruchinnam, kovil nadaswaram and bunch of spirited youngsters .. .. there was no Perumal though !!!

In every purappadu – there are so many attractions – Emperuman – arulicheyal goshti, sripadhamthangigal, Archakas (battacharyas) and many many kainkaryabarargal – one among them doing a tough kainkaryam are the bearers of Thirukudai (the white decorative parasol – umbrellas) for Emperuman.  Ever wondered how difficult it is ? .. ………… please ponder.   

சென்றால் குடையாம் இருந்தால் சிங்காசனமாம்,

நின்றால் மரவடியாம் நீள்கடலுள்,   

When Sriman Narayana  is moving, Thiruvananthazhwaan hoods him like a parasol,  when God sits, Seshan is  settee – the seat of comfort;  when Lord stands,  the snake serves Him as footwear ; in the Thiruparkadal where Lord reclines to take rest, he becomes the silken bed – he gleams with light and provides handrest too.   The serpentine Ananthazhwaan is ever at the service of the Lord in every possible manner.  

Life in a divyadesam is always exciting ! ~ it provides ample opportunities to be with Emperuman and do kainkaryam .. .. the primary challenge is one of involvement and being with Lord for long hours -  one can involve oneself in so many forms of Kainkaryams –   .. .. I have never tried doing this kainkaryam ~ have  observed from close quarters wondering how difficult it is – ‘thirukudai kainkaryam’ – lifting the thirukudai is a massive effort – the weight is at the top as one controls and manages its weight (more so with wind blowing ferociously) as one walks closer to Emperuman covering Him !!  

There is more to thirukudai kainkaryam – during purappadu, they carry the thirukudai on madi (the thick cloth tightly worn around the waist) – and in vahana purappadu – thirukudaigal are placed on the sideboard of the vahanam and is held by Battacharyas.  Holding them is an art and is challenging too – it is tough but graciously done by Thirukovil Battacharyargal.  Now if you have not still visualized this – understand the kudai on the land (standing on the lengthy stem) is lifted first to waist height – then from one to another, dexterously lifted chin-high or more, over the shoulders  – almost over the head.  It would appear impossible to lift an object so elaborate and weighty at the top by holding the stem at the bottom and holding aloft of a few moments – then with subtle balance, gently place it on the pattarai (side board of the vahanam).  

திருக்கோவில் திருக்குடைகளை பற்றி சற்று அறிந்தவர் ஆகின்  - உங்களுக்கு தெரிந்து இருக்கும்.  இக்குடைகள் அகலப்படி - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 என விரியும்.  18 ஜான் குடைகள் மிக அகலமாக இருக்கும். அவற்றை தூக்கி பெருமாளுடன் வருவது கடினம் - திருவல்லிக்கேணியில் 20 ஜான் குடைகளும் கூட உள்ளன.  இங்கே படத்தில் காணப்படுவன - 17 ஜான் குடைகள் ஜதை.

The two beautiful thirukudaigal seen in the photo are of ’17 jaan’ – yesterday was the samarpanai of these newly made ones  by  Sri Anand Rangan and given through  Sri 1008  Satyaatma theerthar   Swamiji,  42nd pontiff of Sri Uttradi Mutt  – the purappadu mentioned at the start  was the karikola purappadu of which some photos are here. (some of the important architects of this kudai kainkaryam are there in the photos – organized by Sri Ajay Srivathsangan)

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan 
Mamandur Veeragalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar