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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sri Parthasarathi Perumal Special Brahmothsavam 2022

 Festive days are back again !!  Brahmothsavams are happy occasions – devotees assemble in large numbers, do service to Lord in every possible manner.  At Thiruvallikkeni, there are two grand brahmothsavams [Chithirai for Sri Parthasarathi and Aani for Sri Azhagiya singar –  in the year 2020, when almost the entire globe remained indoors, the brahmothsavams  did not occur.   

                                                                      the above pic is of 2021

Last year in 2020 in Feb 2021 the prayaschitha Special brahmothsavam for Sri Parthasarathi Perumal occurred and in Mar 2021 Sri Azhagiya Singar Special Brahmothsavam, followed. B u t – the regular annual brahmotshavams were affected by Corona and today the prayaschitha Special brahmothsavam for Sri Parthasarathi Perumal has just begun.  

China reported a spike in daily coronavirus disease (Covid-19) with 195 new infections in the mainland on Saturday, up from 137 cases a day earlier. China’s National Health Commission said in a statement that 94 of the new Covid cases were imported while 101 were locally transmitted. Mainland China has so far reported 107,707 confirmed infections and 4,636 deaths. Not any old news … .. since 2020, the World is living in constant fear – seeing updates of Corona Covid 19 .. .. are things changing now ??? 

The British government confirmed Saturday that people with Covid-19 won't be legally required to self-isolate starting next week, as part of a plan for “living with Covid” that is also likely to see testing for the coronavirus scaled back. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said ending all of the legal restrictions brought in to curb the spread of the virus will let people in the UK “protect ourselves without restricting our freedoms.” But some of the government's scientific advisers said it was a risky move that could bring a surge in infections and weaken the country's defenses against more virulent future strains.  A combination of high vaccination rates in the UK and the milder omicron variant means easing restrictions didn't lead to a surge in hospitalisations and deaths. Both are falling, though the UK still has Europe's highest coronavirus toll after Russia, with more than 160,000 recorded deaths.  

Back home, Tamil Nadu added 1,051 Covid-19 cases and seven deaths on Saturday. After 3,561 people were discharged, the number of people on the active list went below 20,000 after 45 days since January 5. The state has 18,167 Covid-19 patients under home isolation or in hospitals. With 238 new cases, Chennai continued to report the highest number of fresh cases in the state followed by Coimbatore which reported 157 new cases. All other districts had fewer than 100 cases each.  

The good news is -  cumulative COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country crossed 175.33 crore on Saturday, the Union health ministry said.  The ministry also said that over 1.89 crore (1,89,07,829) precaution doses have been administered to healthcare workers, frontline workers and those aged 60 and above with comorbidities.  

Hope in near future, Covid is totally eradicated and humanity lives happily thereafter.  Festive days are back again ~  the special  Bramothsavam for Sri Parthasarathi Perumal  has commenced today. After dwajarohanam in the morning, purappadu occurred in the evening.  After ankurarpanam on the previous day, Senai Muthaliyar  and Nithya surigal have purappadu in pallakku.   Being day 1 ~ it is Muthal thiruvanthathi of Sri Poigai alwar.

The Muthalazhwargal (Pogai alwar, Boothathalwar and Peyalwar) met at Thirukovalur.... Poigai azhwar started singing the greatness of the Lord by lighting the Earth itself as the light and Ocean as the ghee...... he says.... எம்பெருமானை தங்கள் மனசார அனுபவித்து ஆசையாய் தங்கள் வார்த்தைகள் உரைத்தவர்கள் ஆழ்வார்கள்.

ஒன்றும் மறந்தறியேன் ஓதநீர் வண்ணனை நான்,

இன்று மறப்பனோ ஏழைகாள் – அன்று*

கருவரங்கத்துட்கிடந்து கைதொழுதேன் கண்டேன்*

திருவரங்கமேயான் திசை.

பொய்கையார் ~  ஸ்ரீமன் நாராயணனிடத்தில் பக்தி குறைந்தவர்களை  ஏழைகாள் என விளித்து கூறுகிறார் : அறியா காலத்திலேயே,  வெள்ளம் பரந்தது போன்ற வடிவழகுள்ள பெருமானை மறந்தறிய மாட்டேன்; வளர்ந்து ஞானம் பெற்ற பிறகு,   காவிரி பாயும் திருவரங்கத்திலே பள்ளி கொண்டுள்ள  பெரிய பெருமாளுடைய திசை, எந்நாளும் மறக்க வல்லேன்.

Poigaipiraan, calls those who are less inclined in bakthi towards Sriman Naryaana as poor and says  - that even in those days lying in the womb i.e., when he had no knowledge, he was fully inclined towards the Lord of the Ocean, now after acquiring some knowledge, he cannot but fold his hands and pray towards South  to the Lord reclining on Adisesha at the beautiful Thiruvarangam, enclosed by flowing Thiru kaveri.

                      We live – we pray – we go to temples….. in Sri Vaishnavism, in the various forms of God – the one which is easiest and the form in which the Supreme God makes Himself available to us daily is ‘Idol worship’ in Divyadesams and other temples – this is known as ‘Archai’ ~ Archavatharam, where the Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana  manifests Himself in various idol forms and comes near us to shower his munificence to us …… and this was perfectly experienced when we had darshan of Sri Parthasarathi Emperuman  in dharmathi peedam. 

The first photo is of Sri Parthasarathi Emperuman in Dharmathipeedam on 3.2.2021 – this morning the purappadu could not take place due to some asantharpam and there was morning purappadu at around 3.30pm.  Sharing this darshan with the photos taken now.

~ adiyen  Srinivasa dhasan.
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar

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