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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Sri Parthasarathi Perumal Nachiyar Thirukolam - Brahmothsavam 2019

Sri Partha Sarathi Brahmothsavam day 5 purappadu ~ 
mandagappadi at places : Thiruvallikkeni 2020

Imp prescript : for most lensers – it is anxiety; whether one can have a glimpse and have a couple of good frames captured .. sometimes one fails to have good darshan even, in the anxiety to ensure couple of good clicks .. .. and sitting at home, find that many of them are still not posted / shared. Here is sharing another one today – the most beautiful Nachiyar thirukolam of Sri Parthasarathi Perumal.

Life is full of opportunities – and looking back many missed out as we failed to notice the openings.  It is said that a monetary loss could be compensated, gained back at a later date, sometimes even better than the original chance – however   a lost hour can never  be recuperated. Deciding how to spend time is a clearly consequential decision. But what may not be so obvious is exactly how our decisions about how to spend time relate to our moment-to-moment and long-term happiness.  It is revealed that  people feel more positive emotion (like happiness and joy) when they are engaged in leisure activities,  than when they are engaged in commuting, work, and housework. But maximizing happiness seems to be more complicated than simply maximizing vacation time.  Life cannot be planned always – your 5 year plans may not work that well rather than seizing the opportunity available and turning it to be positive and enjoyable.    Many exaggerate the value of work, and forget about other things needed for true happiness,  that includes leisure, just remaining idle ! – and is this not a God sent opportunity Leisure is an openness towards and contemplation of the deeper truths of life. Leisure requires a calmness, an inner stillness and ability to use the available time for your passions. 

23rd Apr 2019   was the 5th day of Brahmothsavam at Thiruvallikkeni. On the morning of  day 5 of Sri Parthasarathi Emperuman  – the most beautiful charioteer of Savyachachi enraptured us  in “Nachiyar Thirukkoalam” – dressed as EzhilmiguThayar in a grand sitting posture.....Srimannarayana- the ever merciful Lord is always our esteemed protector. He is our Rakshak. He is glorified in the Vedas as the Supreme entity. He is "Veda Mudalvan". The sublime beauty and oozing benevolence as exceptionally visible in the Thirumugam [face] of Perumal – Nachiyar. 

Being day 5, it is Swami Nammalwar’s Thiruvirutham, the essence of Rig veda.  Nammalwar experiencing ‘Parankusanayaki’ expresses her attachment to the immortal Sriman Narayana and that perhaps is the reason for Nachiyar thirukolam on this morning purappadu.

.....  the beautiful women of Thiruvallikkeni were circling around to have darshan of Him, look and envy the best of silk saree tastefully worn (some may debate on the colour / border combination !)  - among the dazzling ornaments was this ‘pavalam’[red coral] – simply marvellous. The golden parrot was ensconced above the abhaya hastham of Nachiyar.     More than the ornate style of dressing, it was the benevolence [karunyam] in the face of Perumal that showered blessing on His devotees.

பெருமாளின் அழகு சௌந்தர்யம் வார்த்தைகளால் விவரிக்கமுடியாதது. கருத்துக்கு மிக எளியனான கருணைமிகுந்த  பெருமாள் மிகஅழகாக குத்துக்காலிட்டு அமர்ந்து அபயஹஸ்தத்துடன் காட்சிதரும் எழில்மிகு திருக்கோலமே  நாச்சியார்திருக்கோலம்**

It was indeed a grand purappadu – there were hundreds waiting at every Street, especially, the bylanes of Hanumantharayan kovil street .. .. to many who have been worshipping Emperuman in all his purappadus, especially, the brahmothsavam, this Uthsavam does bring some nostalgia, not exactly very happy one.  About a decade or so ago, it would start with Perumal visiting ‘Komutti bungalow’  at Peyalwar Street, mandagapadi at Sri  Nampillai sannathi, Thavana Uthsava bungalow; Nataraja store opposite to Gangaikondan mandapam; Gangaikondan mantap; Kuthirai vahana mantap; Kulakkari Hanuman temple; Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja mutt; building adjacent to Krishnan Kovil [Udupi Mutt]; Vasantha bungalowkannadi pallakku mantapam; Swami Nammalwar sannathi; Andal sannathi, before Thiruvanthikappu, the culmination of purappadu.

The ones in green are not continuing any longer .. .. reasons !! !! ~ sad !!!

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.[Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Samapthkumar]

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