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Monday, January 22, 2024

Ornate temple at Sri Rama Janmabhumi

कोसलो नाम मुदितः स्फीतो जनपदो महान् |
निविष्टः सरयूतीरे प्रभूतधनधान्यवान् || १-५-५

In those glorious days, there exited a Kingdom called Kosala, a joyous, vast, flourishing one with wealth and cereals – situate on the riverbanks of Sarayu.

The capital of that kingdom which was built by Manu was Ayodhya.  In that punya bhoomi was born Maryadha Purush Sree Ramachandra Murthy whose life story is “Ramayana”

Today (22.1.2024) – the Nation and we are fortunate to rejoice the Prana pratishta of Sri Rama in the architecturally ornate  beautiful Temple at His Janmasthan.  Many thanks to our Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modiji.

Pray that We all are able to go at least once to Ayodhya and have darshan of this valiant Rama.  

Jai Shree Ram 

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