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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Pibare Rama rasam ! - Allikkeni Punarvasu Sree Ramar purappadu 2022

 Pibare Rama rasam - Rasane Pibare Rama rasam

Janana Marana Bhaya Soka Vidooram - Sakala Saastra Nigamaagama Saaram


Drinking (reciting) the essence of the name of Lord Rama for sure would remove the sorrows of life and fear of death. 

Thiruvallikkeni Sree Ramar Purattasi punarvasu purappadu this evening 20.9.2o22

At Thiruvallikkeni and in almost all other places, Lord Rama is always seen with Seetha piratti and Lakshmana.  Cropped photo of Sree Rama alone to show the sublime beauty of Kothanda Ramar.

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